Biography of Hans Christian Andersen

Andersen Hans Christian is a Danish poet, novelist and author of fairy tales.

At the age of 14, he leaves Odense for Copenhagen, as he was brought up in poverty. He could not realize himself as an actor, but his poetry has won the attention of such a generous patron as King Frederick VI.

In 1829, he published his fantasy “Journey on foot from the city of Holmen through the channel to the eastern point of the island of Amager,” in 1830 the next volume of poetry is published. Hans Christian visits many European countries, about which he writes sketches. Andersen travels to the grant given him by the king.

His first novel, The Improviser, was well received by critics. At that time Hans Christian Andersen’s sentimental novels were his hobby. However, working on his first book of fairy tales, “Evening”, he found such a means of expressing his emotions, which allowed him to perpetuate his genius.

For a year, Andersen could have prepared about one volume and therefore was recognized as the greatest author of Denmark and he had no equal, as a storyteller, in his technical capabilities. His tales were often tragic or had a terrible plot.

His sense of fiction, the power of description, as well as the supply of sensitive acuity – that was part of the skill of his genre. Among his many widely loved stories can be identified: “Fir”, “The Girl with Matches”, “Ugly Duckling”, “The Snow Queen”, “Little Mermaid”, “Red Boots”.

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Biography of Hans Christian Andersen