Common questions to the country United States of America

1. Give examples of the diversity of nature in the United States.

The nature of the US is extremely diverse. The climate varies from temperate in the north to tropical in the south. Natural areas are diverse in combinations of different animal species. Mountainous West and the Plain East differ in their natural landscapes. The beauty of nature lies in its diversity, and this diversity must be supported by man.

2. What is the effect of the US economy on their nature?

The US economy, like any other industrialized country with intensive agriculture, has a strong impact on the natural environment. Air is polluted with numerous motor vehicles and plants, rivers, lakes, and soil are polluted. However, the existence of strict laws, recognized to preserve nature in its natural state, reduces the harmful impact on it of the economy. Strict requirements are imposed on the quality of fuel and the quality of cars. The presence of harmful substances in the composition of exhaust

gases is minimized. The discharge of polluted water into rivers, lakes and seas is completely stopped. Contaminated water is cleaned and used repeatedly. Recycling plants are being built.

3. Using maps, as well as the text of the textbook, prepare a brief description of Mexico. Identify the main features of nature, the population and its economic activities. For this purpose, use the country description plan in the appendix.

Using information obtained from various maps, the text of the textbook and additional literature, identify the main features of nature, the population and its economic activities.

The sequence of actions is the following:

1) assess the peculiarities of the geographical situation;

2) characterize the natural features;

3) characterize the population;

4) describe the economic activity:

A) extractive industry, manufacturing industry;

B) agriculture;

C) activity of the population in the sphere of services, transport, construction.

The outline of the characteristic can be short, but can be expanded, more detailed. The plan is necessary to make your story or description more logical and show how natural conditions depend on the geographical location, and the economy from the natural features and skills of the population. The choice of the degree of detail of the description depends on its purposes. In order to give the most general idea of ​​the country, a rather brief description of its natural features, economy, culture.

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Common questions to the country United States of America