Composition on “The Soul of Man”

Unrecognized, invisible, intangible part of a person. For thousands of years, the world’s minds have been arguing about what a soul is! Is this God’s gift or a banal awareness of oneself as a person with an emotional background?

Many reject this reality and repeat it in public that the soul is a myth and fiction. Analyzing a human body into pieces by a professor and a doctor with smirks on their faces, they say that they have not found an organ in our body called “soul.” And while a person lives a calm and measured life, he does not think about whether he has it.

But it’s worth something extraordinary, what causes the heart to knock twice as fast, to flow with an endless stream of tears, so all and even the most fanatical skeptics ask the question: what makes me so worry and empathize? Conscience, understanding the complexity of the question or the soul? There are a lot of questions, even more opinions. And the truth can not be found by everyone,

if not at all.

A soulless person can not sympathize, he laughs in the face of grief, he is selfish and simple. A person with a soul will never refuse help to those in need, will always miss another’s grief through his heart and will try to help society. So it is common to understand the soul among ordinary people. It’s just that life adapts many things to itself in the way it pleases, because in fact the soul of a person is a concept of the divine and the natural. The immortal substance to which each person is endowed, so that after his earthly life he continues to live in the intangible world. But who is interested in it now? After all, a large percentage of the world’s population now do not believe in God at all and the soul for them is not the object of increased attention. Nobody cares about it, it is perceived, if at all, as something akin to the stomach or liver in its organisms.

And it’s only necessary to happen to something extraordinary: love, the death of a loved one, a catastrophe, how people of the whole world are knocking out millions of humanities, all of them clutching

at the chest and can not understand what? What makes them feel the pain of thousands and thousands of outsiders, strangers to them? Of course, after all, how everyone knows how to work wi-fi, but nobody knows how the soul of a person works or finds it necessary not to find out. The whole world is connected 24 hours a day, so nature created us and when you watch news about wars, when you watch the video on the Internet about how animals in Africa are suffering from drought, a long lost soul joins a person, what is the most valuable in life, what unites billions of people.

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Composition on “The Soul of Man”