Grandmother at work

My grandmother is an amazing person. Despite her advanced years, she is energetic and tireless, she does not sit for a minute without work. Her favorite pastime is gardening and gardening.

Here she walks through her summer residence and looks at him in a businesslike way. On the face – pride: everywhere the order, plants are well-groomed, flat beds are weeded. Grandmother sometimes bends down, lovingly touches the leaves, smiles.

But it’s time for the work: you have to water and feed the plants, loosen the soil, collect the fruits. Grandmother with obvious pleasure starts to do business, without haste and vanity passes from one bed to another, changes tools. She will feel fatigue only in the evening, after a day’s work, and now every job is seething in her hands. Grandmother is happy. Eyes shine with inspiration and joy.

Babushkin’s work bears fruit. Many are surprised how on six hectares she manages to grow as many vegetables, fruits, berries.

Looking at my grandmother, I understand that work, of course, makes a person’s life meaningful and interesting. You just have to love the job you are doing.

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Grandmother at work