What do the chronicles tell about?

The most authoritative and well-known sources on the history of Kievan Rus, which help historians to restore the course of events of the past, are Chronicles. You already know that the so-called works in which the events were recorded successively for years, “from summer to summer.” Chroniclers covered, for the most part, the deeds of the princes – military campaigns, agreements with neighboring states, marriages. Information from the daily life of other inhabitants of Russia on the pages of the annals is quite small. Why do you think?

The first chronicle that has come down to us is the Tale of Bygone Years. Its author is Nestor, a blacksmith of the Caves Monastery. It was created in the beginning of the 12th century, and it tells about the events from 860 to 1111, therefore it is clear that its author used more ancient texts. An outstanding monument of history is the Galician-Volyn chronicle. It deals with the events in the Galician and Volyn lands from 1205

to the end of the 13th century.

Rus and Rusich are the most ancient names that our ancestors used to name their land and themselves. It was the name of Rus that preceded the name of Ukraine for the definition of land inhabited by Ukrainians-Rusics.

They also created chronicles during the period of the Cossacks. The famous Cossack chronicler was Samiylo Velichko. In his capital work, he told the most important events from the history of the National Liberation War and the Ukrainian Cossack State, cited many documents of those years, eyewitness accounts, illustrated the hetmans’ life histories with portraits. The chronicle of Samiyla Velichko tells in detail about the events in Ukraine in 1648-1700. Fearing to be mistaken, the chronicler checked each of the documents, used many written sources, in particular, foreign ones. The last parts of the chronicle, according to the author, were written down by his disciples, because he himself lost sight, working for years on the book.

The first part of the Galician-Volyn chronicle is the biography of the prince – the first king in our history –

Danila Romanovich. Speaking about the character and character traits of the prince-king, the chronicler writes: “This same King Daniel was a prince kind, brave, wise, who built many cities, and set up the church and decorated them with various ornaments, and brotherly he was shining with his brother Vasilko… “. And the description of the prince is interesting when he came to the town of Pozhg for state affairs: “He himself rode next to the king according to the custom of Rusich: the horse beneath him was remarkably beautiful, the saddle was gilded, the arrows and the saber were decorated with gold… and the zhupan from Greek cloth wide golden lace trimmed, and green goat’s boots lined with gold… “.

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What do the chronicles tell about?