Ideal family composition

The family is the seven “I”! The family should be big and friendly. Unfortunately, in our time this is a rarity. There are 11 people in my class, and only two from large families. The rest, including me, one brother or sister. It seems to me that two children are very few. How cool, when there is someone to play with, who to take care of, who to study…

Even in the family there should be their traditions, their holidays, their hobbies, their little “secrets”. In general, what unites all.

Every member of the family is a person. We need to respect each other, to reckon with each other’s opinions. And the main thing is to love each other, because without love there will be neither respect, nor understanding, nor support.

My family is very friendly. When I feel bad, something does not work out or just a bad mood, I know that at home I will be supported, will help. And if my mother or father is unable to help me, they will certainly find a way to do it.

Besides my mother, father and brother, I have many relatives with whom we are very friendly, so all our family holidays are very fun and interesting. Adults organize games, dances, competitions for children. We take a lot of pictures, because photography is a memory. It will be many years, and I will be able to show my family what was when I was in school.

I guess my family is not perfect, because it’s impossible. But I hope that when the time comes for me to build my family, I will try to make it look like my parents’ family, but a little better.

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Ideal family composition