Biography of Beethoven

Biography of Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven is a great German composer, pianist and conductor, representative of the musical direction “Viennese Classicism”.

Early years

Beethoven was born supposedly on December 16, 1770 in the city of Bonn in a musical family. Since childhood, he began to teach the game on the organ, harpsichord, violin, flute.

For the first time seriously engaged with Ludwig was the composer Christian Gottlob Nephe. Already in 12 years in the biography of Beethoven, the first work of musical orientation – an assistant organist at the court was replenished. Beethoven studied several languages, tried to compose music.

Beethoven loved to read, especially popular were the ancient Greek authors Homer and Plutarch, and more modern poets William Shakespeare,

Goethe and Friedrich Schiller.

The beginning of the creative path

After the death of his mother in 1787, he took on the material obligations of the family. Ludwig Beethoven began to play in the orchestra, listening to university lectures. Accidentally encountered in Bonn with Haydn, Beethoven decides to take lessons from him. For this, he moves to Vienna. Already at this stage, after listening to one of Beethoven’s improvisations, the great Mozart said: “He will force everyone to talk about himself!”. After some attempts, Haydn directs Beethoven to classes at Albrechtsberger. Then Beethoven’s teacher and mentor became Antonio Salieri.

The heyday of the musical career

Haydn briefly noted that Beethoven’s music was gloomy and strange. However, in those years a virtuoso piano game brought Ludwig first glory. Beethoven’s works differ from the classical harpsichord play. There, in Vienna, were written well-known in the future works: Moonlight Sonata Beethoven, Pathetic Sonata.

Rough, self-respecting in public, the composer was very open, friendly with friends. Creativity Beethoven following years is filled with new works: First, Second Symphony, “The Creation of Prometheus,” “Christ on the Mount of Olives.” However, the further life and

work of Beethoven were complicated by the development of uh-tinite disease.

The composer secluded in the city of Heiligenstadt. There he is working on the Third – Heroic Symphony. Complete deafness separates Ludwig from the outside world. However, even this event can not make him stop composing. According to critics, Beethoven’s Third Symphony fully reveals his greatest talent. Opera “Fidelio” is staged in Vienna, Prague, Berlin.

Last years

In 1802-1812 Beethoven wrote sonatas with a special desire and zeal. Then entire series of works for pianoforte, cello, the famous Ninth Symphony, Solemn Mass were created.

Let us note that Ludwig Beethoven’s biography of those years was filled with fame, popularity and recognition. Even the authorities, in spite of his frank thoughts, did not dare touch the musician. However, the strong emotions for his nephew, whom Beethoven took to custody, quickly became old composers. And on March 26, 1827, Beethoven died of liver disease.

Many works by Ludwig van Beethoven have become classics not only for the adult listener, but also for children.

The great composer has about one hundred monuments around the world.

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Biography of Beethoven