Unusual natural phenomena

Unusual natural phenomena

Long ago a man, not understanding the origin of certain phenomena, endowed nature with magical properties. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, rainstorms aroused fear, kindled imagination and caused an irresistible desire to explain their occurrence. A lot of amazing, unexplored and incomprehensible man remains in nature till now.

Samogo portal. Net unveiled its version of the ten most amazing natural phenomena. So let’s see what surprises hit people in different parts of the world! These unusual natural phenomena delight even in the photo!

Polar Lights. certainly, looks simply magically. Once upon a time people believed that the radiance is a dance of the gods. But scientists who are interested in magnetic phenomena in nature say that it arises from the interaction of charged

particles of the Sun with the magnetic field of the Earth. The most clear and picturesque pictures of radiance can be observed from Lapland and Northern Scandinavia.

The nature of this mysterious phenomenon of nature has not yet been studied. Once such lightnings were called “fireballs”. They appeared in houses and even in airplanes, imagine? Their behavior is unpredictable: bright red or orange balls seep through the smallest cracks in the walls or glass. These lightning then freeze in the air and disappear, then they rush somewhere at a speed of 8-10 m.

You’ve probably already guessed that the image on the horizon is not a river or a lake at all, but only an optical illusion of sight! Mirage is a consequence of a hot climate. Such unusual natural phenomena!

This unique phenomenon can be seen at the bottom of the dry lake of the Rastrek-Playa in the Valley of Death (USA, California). Moving in different directions, and sometimes also somersaulting, stones traces along it with the extent of tens of kilometers.

Sometimes after the rain, when the air is saturated with moisture and the sun shines, the gaze of the heavenly beauty of the rainbow is fascinating. Do you know that the sequence of colors in any rainbow is always the same? Read and memorize: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and


Such an incredible spectacle opens before us when meteorites burn. passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. It is interesting that, due to cosmic dust and the remains of meteorites, the earth’s mass increases by 5 million tons annually.

This phenomenon was first noticed by sailors – during a thunderstorm or storm on the masts bright balls of light appeared. The lights of St. Elmah can damage electrical and radio devices.

By lighting a bonfire high in the mountains, you can see the spectacular effect of Gloria. In the low clouds, Your shadow appears with a bright halo around the head.

This fantastic phenomenon of nature occurs with high fumes or humidity. So the inhabitants of Canada during the forest fires watched the blue month during the week.

A fiery rainbow is extremely rare. It occurs when the sun rises above 58 ° C above the horizon, and there are cirrus clouds in the sky. Their crystals refract the sun’s rays, and a rainbow appears, very similar to real fire!

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Unusual natural phenomena