For what I love spring

Of all the seasons, I like spring most of all.

In spring most flowers blossom, trees and grass are green. Long-awaited warm days are coming, rains are getting smaller and they are getting warmer and warmer.

Mom hides the winter things in the closet, and Dad takes out the tourist equipment from the box in the garage. I’m preparing my bicycle, because puddles will soon dry up and it will be possible to drive around the yard, ringing gaily cheerful guys. Wonderful time – spring!

In the very beginning of spring we give our mothers, grandmothers and sisters flowers and gifts. The holiday of March 8 is one of the most loved and popular.

And at the end of spring, the schoolchildren have another holiday – the last bell. This is my favorite holiday, because after it the holidays begin.
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I love spring. I love the smell of flowers, swollen buds in the trees, warm spring puddles, cheerful chirping of sparrows.

In spring, nature looks washed by beauty, which prettles at the mirror. And the mirror is the blue skies over which the white fluff of clouds are running.

In the spring birds come and start nesting their nests. And the starlings are easier, because they prepare the houses in advance. Therefore, the starlings will equip the birdhouses and immediately begin to work – to clear the fields from the wreckers waking after the winter. Rooks also work, although they do not build houses for them.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year also because it is the morning of nature, its awakening from hibernation.

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For what I love spring