How do I like the poems of Robert Burns?

How do I like the poems of Robert Burns?

Poems and songs of the Scottish poet R. Burns are very popular in his homeland. This popularity is explained by the fact that Burns’s poetry is closely connected with the folk song of Scotland. Burns is the son of a Scottish farmer, the songs of his ancestors are familiar to him from the cradle. It was in folk art he found a living basis for his future poems, songs, poems. Burns often uses folk tales and legends. So, the basis of the poem “John Barley Grain” is based on the popular belief about spirits that live in bread grains. The poet reinterpreted this legend and created a song glorifying the firmness of the spirit of the grain grower. John Barley Grain and buried in the ground, and let it go under the knife, and dubbed, “then, throwing up, circling in the wind,”

and ruthlessly rubbed between the stones – he stood it!

So let it be until the end of time
The bottom dries up
In a barrel where
John Barley Grain bubbles!

Exclaims the poet.

That’s the love of life, wit and optimism, and I like the poems of a Scottish poet. This also applies to my favorite poem “Fair Poverty”. The poor are covered with rags, they eat one bread, washing it with water, while

… a fool and a rogue
Dressed in silk and wine drink
And all that stuff.

But, the poet persuades us, “for all that,” one must judge not by dress:

Who honestly feeds on labor, –
I call such people!

Rewards and flattery do not replace the mind and honor, so the poor should not be ashamed of their poverty. You can designate a fool as a general, but you can not “appoint an honest small man” if he’s a rogue and a rascal. Only he is worthy of respect, says the poet, who is intelligent, honest, knows how to work and earn honest work. “In my mind and honor,” says the popular wisdom. The same thought sounds in the Burns poem:

The day will come and the hour will strike,
When the mind and honor
On the whole earth will come the turn
To stand in the first place.

And I like what the great Scottish poet said in his poems more than two centuries ago.

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How do I like the poems of Robert Burns?