Summary “Zadonshchina”

The word about the Grand Duke Dmitri Ivanovich and his brother, Prince Vladimir Andreevich, how they defeated the adversary of his Tsar Mamai.

Grand Duke Dmitry Ivanovich and his brother, Prince Vladimir Andreevich, was at the feast of the Moscow governor. And he said: “The news came to us, brothers, that King Mamai is standing by the fast Don, he came to Russia and wants to come to us in the Zaleski land.” And the Grand Duke and his brother, having prayed to God, having hardened hearts with their courage, Russian brave regiments assembled. All the Russian princes came to the glorious city of Moscow and said: “Don tatars are filthy, Mamai the king by the river Swords, they want to cross the river and to part with their lives to glory.” And Grand Duke Dmitry Ivanovich addressed his brother: “Let’s go there, we will try our brave ones and we will fill the Don River with blood for the Russian land and for the Christian faith.”


makes a noise that rattles early before dawn? That Prince Vladimir Andreevich regiments builds and leads them to the great Don. And Prince Dmitri Ivanovich, his grand duke, said: “The voevods have already been set up for us – seventy boyars, and the princes Belozersky, and both brothers Olgerdovichi, yes Dmitry Volynsky, and the warriors with us – three hundred thousand squadrons, are brave. one, ready to put their heads behind the earth for the Russian. “

Already, those Falcons and Gyrfalco and Belozersk hawks for the Don soon flew and struck innumerable goose and swan herds. Those were not falcons, not gyrfalco – then the Russian princes attacked the Tatar force. And they struck the spears of the fire on the Tatar armor, and the swords of the damages cried about the Khinov helmets on the Kulikovo field, on the Nepryadva river.

The earth is black under the hooves, the Tatar fields are dotted with bones, and the earth is flooded with blood. In that field, the storm clouds came together, and from them the lightning flashed ceaselessly and thundered great thunder. Not tours roared

from the Don to the Kulikovo field. It’s not the tours that have been beaten, but the princes of Russia, the boyars, and voevods of Grand Duke Dmitri Ivanovich. Peresvet-black, the Bryansk boyar, was brought to the judgment seat. And Peresvet-Chernets said: “It is better for us to be killed than to be captured by foul Tatars!”.

At that time, along the Ryazan land near the Don, neither the plowmen nor the shepherds in the field are being called, only crows croaking without ceasing over the human corpses, it was terrible and pitiful to hear it then; and the grass was covered with blood, and the trees bowed to the ground. Birds began singing pity songs – all princesses, and boyaryni, and all provincial wives were killed by the killed. So they said: “Can you, sir, the great prince, block off the oars of the Dnieper, and take out the Don with helmets, and dam the Mechu-river with the Tatar corpses?” “Lock up, Sire, at the Oka River, the gate, so that no more filthy Tatars come to us.” After all, our husbands are beaten on the military. ” The wife of Mikula Vasilyevich, the Moscow voevoda, Marya cried on the visors of the walls of Moscow, thus lamenting: “Oh Don, Don, fast river, bring my master Mikula Vasilyevich to me in my waves!”.

And, having thrown out the call, Prince Vladimir Andreevich rushed with his army to the regiments of the filthy Tatars. And he praised his brother: “Brother, Dmitri Ivanovich, in a wicked time, you are a bitter shield to us.” Do not give in, the great prince, with his great regiments, do not indulge the gangsters! Do not delay your boyars. ” And Prince Dmitry Ivanovich said: “Brothers, boyars and voivods, here are your Moscow sweet meats and great places!” Here, then, get your places and your wives. “Here, brothers, the old must look younger, and get a young honor.” And then, like falcons, rushed headlong to the fast Don. That’s not the falcons flew: the Grand Duke rode with his regiments beyond the Don, and behind him the whole Russian army.

Then the Grand Duke began the offensive. Thundering swords are damn about Khinov helmets. And so the filthy rushed back. The wind roars in the grandsons of Grand Duke Dmitri Ivanovich, the Tatars flee, and the Russian sons squeezed wide fields and gilded armor lit. The tour to the battle has already risen! Then the Tatars disintegrated and ran unopened roads to the seashore, gnashing their teeth and tearing their faces, saying: “We, brethren, do not see us in our land, and do not see our children, and do not caress your wives, and caress us with the raw earth, and kiss us a green ant, and in Russia we do not have to hound the Russians and give us not to give princes to Russian princes. “

Now Russian sons have captured Tatar armor and horses, and wines, fine fabrics and silk are brought to their wives. Already on the Russian land there was a lot of fun and exultation. The glory of the Russian blasphemy vanquished. And the cruel Mamai dashed from his squad with a gray wolf and ran to the Cafe-city. “You came to the Russian land with a large force, with nine hordes and seventy princes.” But it seems that the princes of the Russians have been very grateful to you: there are no princes or voivodes with you! Run, you foul Mamai, from us for the dark forests. “

As a cute baby, his mother has a Russian land: his mother caresses, she flogs for a dagger, and praises her for good deeds. So the Lord God pardoned the princes of Russians, Grand Duke Dmitri Ivanovich and his brother, Prince Vladimir Andreevich, between the Don and the Dnieper on the Kulikovo field, on the Nepryadva river. And the Grand Duke Dmitry Ivanovich said: “Brothers, you laid your head for the land for the Russian and for the Christian faith.” Forgive me and bless me in this century and in the future. “Let’s go, brother Vladimir Andreevich, to our glorious city of Moscow and sit down to Zalesskaya land on his reign, and we have obtained honor and a glorious name. “

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Summary “Zadonshchina”