Summary of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by Wells

On February 1, 1887, the ship “Lady Vane” crashed. One of his passengers, Charles Edward Prendic, who was all believed dead, was picked up in the sea on the boat after eleven months and four days. He claimed that he had spent all this time on the island, where incredible things were happening. His stories were attributed to the nervous and physical overwork that he had to endure.

After the death of Edward Prendik his nephew found detailed records of his uncle’s adventures.

After the death of his comrades in misfortune, Prendik awoke in the small and dirty cabin of the merchant ship Ipecacuan. His savior, Montgomery, explains that Prendika was half-dead on the boat. Montgomery was able to help him, because he studied at the University of the natural sciences and had the necessary medical knowledge. He greedily asked Prendik about London, the university, the familiar teachers.

Montgomery carries an unusual load – puma, llama, rabbits, a dog.

Prendik stands up for the servant Montgomery, over whom the team of sailors mocks, and deserves the dislike of the captain’s drunkard. Prendic drew attention to the strange appearance of Montgomery’s servant – glowing in the darkness of his eyes, a wary look. He evoked in the people around him a feeling of disgust, bordering on fear. It, apparently, was the reason for his persecution.

The journey of Montgomery is coming to an end – the island is approaching, on which he must land. And again Prendik is on the verge of life and death. The captain does not want to leave the unexpected passenger, and Montgomery take it with him to the island. Charles Prendika is pushed onto a half-sunken boat. But Montgomery took pity at the last moment and picked up the boat to the longboat that met him.

Prendika from the first steps on the island is striking. And first of all – the kind of its inhabitants. “there was something elusive in them that I could not comprehend, and this evoked in me a strange disgust, I was especially surprised by their gait, they were somehow twisted, as if they

consisted of somehow stuck together pieces.”

Montgomery introduces Charles to his older colleague and speaks out, calling his name – Moreau. Charles Prendic remembers a long-standing scandal involving the name of the outstanding physio-physiologist Moro. One of the journalists managed to get into the laboratory under the guise of a laboratory assistant, where Moro performed mysterious experiments. Under the threat of exposure, Moreau fled from England. The mystery surrounding the work of Montgomery’s senior colleague confirms Prendik’s conjecture that this is the same Moro.

But what kind of experiments does he conduct? In the room in which Prendika was placed, the heart-rending moans and cries of the animal Moro operates. Prendik realizes that this is a puma. When the screams become unbearable, Charles runs out, wanders aimlessly and enters the forest. Here he meets with a strange creature, unlike a human being. He begins to guess the essence of the experiments of Dr. Moreau. Montgomery and Moreau find it and return it to the house. But the fear that he himself will prove himself guilty, makes Prendika flee again.

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Summary of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by Wells