The Painting Surikov “Boyarynya Morozova”

The Painting Surikov “Boyarynya Morozova”

The painting “Boyarina Morozova” – one of the masterpieces of V. Surikov – was written in 1887. It is known that the image of the famous old-believer schismatics was familiar to the artist from childhood.

Surikova admired the dedication of a woman who refused to carefree and full luxury of boyar life and embarked on the road of struggle with the tsarist authorities and the official church. The authorities exiled the boyaryn to the Borovsk monastery, where she died two years later in an earthen prison. On the canvas, Surikov represents the victorious image of an unbroken woman who is being taken to a prison.

The painting “Boyarina Morozova” is written in bright, sonorous, colorful tones. Her story takes us to the 17th century. In the very

center of the canvas, we see the boyaryn, driven in a sleigh through the streets of Moscow. The woman is dressed in an expensive wide fur coat of velvet, but her hands are tied with a chain. Surikov gave her image of the features of a man fanatically devoted to the idea – the woman’s face is stern and bloodless, her eyes are feverishly shining, her hand is raised in a two-folded fold along the Old Believer canon. The boyars shout out farewell words to the crowd, in which, of course, they repeat their convictions again, for which they are ready to go to the end.

Among the surrounding crowd there are those who think of it as crazy, but most experience it all as a tragedy. Many bow to her, looking at her with reverence. The holy fool, dressed dirty and miserable, also accompanies the woman with pity. Among the crowd Surikov depicted himself – in the role of a wanderer with a staff, sympathetically looking after the boyars.

Painting “Boyarina Morozova” reveals the mysterious and full of tragedy Russian soul. The hidden heroism that exists in it can awaken, if there is an idea, there are beliefs. Through painting Surikov was able to show how courageous and courageous a Russian person could be.

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The Painting Surikov “Boyarynya Morozova”