Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “At the stage of bad news from France”

The paintings of V. V. Vereshchagin from his cycle “1812-th year” are a real chronicle of the Napoleonic era. The painting “At the Stage – Bad News from France” (1887-1895) tells of an episode from the life of Napoleon during his disgraceful escape from Russia.

The retreat of the Napoleonic army was in full swing. Under Smolensk, the emperor stopped for the night in the village of Mikhalevka in a small, inconspicuous church. On the canvas, we see the emperor in a camp uniform and a hat pulled down to the very eyes. He sat wearily on a chair in the middle of the temple. Nearby – emperor’s camp bed. They look at him reproachfully from the faces of the saints.

Napoleon has a paper in his hand. A few hours ago he received a message from Paris – the news of a military conspiracy, assembled against him by General Male. The attempt failed, and Male was executed. However, Napoleon is angry, depressed and crushed. Now, when no one

sees him, he, without fear of looking pathetic, can surrender to sad thoughts. He suffers with remorse, reflects on his former power and rapid decline, on the vicissitudes of fate, about what awaits him in Paris.

In the picture, Vereshchagin adheres to the principle of historical certainty. The artist’s work is based on a comprehensive and in-depth study of the topic. Details of the costume of Napoleon, as well as the decoration of the village church are depicted in exact accordance with the place and time that were in reality. They are embossed and material. Coloristic scale of the picture is warm, restrained. The location of the temple seems to be drowning in the dusk. However, a clear composition, a strict drawing allow you to read on the canvas any smallest detail.

In the film “At the stage – bad news from France” Vereshchagin reflects on the role of the individual in history and shows the spiritual drama of the great commander.

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Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “At the stage of bad news from France”