The composition of Levitan’s painting “Above Eternal Peace”

Sometimes a man thinks of himself as a creator of nature, raises himself above the other living beings, but such dominance is relative. Before the head of the element and the all-powerful nature, a person seems like a small goat, which can be easily slapped with one hand. Such thoughts caused in my mind a picture of Levitan “Above Eternal Peace”.

The picture shows a cliff on which a small church lurks. Big trees grew up behind it, and a little further the artist showed us an old cemetery, which everyone has forgotten and no one cares. The abandoned cemetery causes very gloomy thoughts about the transience of life, that the course of time can not be stopped. People buried in this secluded place, once loved and were loved. They lived and enjoyed their life, and now even behind the sagging cross, there is nobody to look after.

At the bottom is a lake that merges with the sky. They form a huge white space in which there simply will not be room for people. To emphasize the majesty of nature, the artist depicted both the lake and the sky with white colors.

Painting Levitan “Above Eternal Peace” produces a heavy impression. At the first moment, I want to run away from it to the distance, not to see this cold and empty space, which silently and coldly watches life, but does not become a part of it.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “Above Eternal Peace”