The nature of my land

“For the person there is nothing
closer and more dear than the native land…”

Motherland. How many delightful memories in just a couple of words. Blossoming cherry orchards and scented mint rugs along the paths. Attracting the blue of the blue summer sky, the aroma of golden linden, the harvesting of bread – nostalgia overwhelms at one mention of native spaces. where you were born, grew up and took the first steps into an exciting and interesting life.

Always with you will be my mother’s shining eyes, wise instructions of the father, grandmother’s tales and grandfather stories about the war. Motherland. you have experienced so much and so much. Once upon a time these steppes were passed by military battalions, trying to liberate our strong people from the yoke of the enemy. Once these fields were dotted with golden corn in green feathers. Once the murmur of the river merged with the noise of a birch grove, and you sat on a small

hillock, wandered around the relief expanses and thought about something of your own.

The native land always beckons to itself, pulls to return on those paths on which ran with children, in those gardens where ripe ripe apricots. We travel around the world, travel, get acquainted with new people, but in the heart there is always a single corner of warmth and comfort where you feel yourself not just at home, but really there, in your native land.

Now, walking along the dusty noisy city streets, peering at the glittering windows and neon signs, you mentally return to where you caught butterflies in the morning and ate grandmother’s cherry pies. For the person there is nothing closer and more dear than the native land – the place that has grown you like a little spikelet, and let out on the long road to the tops of the life path.

The city in which I live is surrounded by a very picturesque nature. A lot of natural monuments and nature reserves are around. Wild forests, deep lakes and even high mountains are located, if not in walking distance, then they can not go more than two hours. If you

take a train in my city and drive 4 stations, you can be at the station, which leads to the foot of the biggest mountainous hill of my country. When I saw Hoverla for the first time, I was under the immense impression of her majesty and monumentality, looking at her you realize all your insignificance and understand how short a human age.

And if you go to 2 stations before, you find yourself in a wonderful place, with green thickets and wagging paths. Passing through one of them a couple of kilometers, a swift mountain waterfall opens before you, next to which there are many underground keys with crystal clear water. Also nearby is the famous lake, which is famous for its blue and ancient legends.

Forest and its inhabitants

I already wrote that my native land is located in the forest area. In the forests around there are clearings for rest and picnics, many mushroom places, all these areas are well known, illuminated and it is almost impossible to get lost. But there are places where the thicket becomes impenetrable and the high crowns of trees hide the sunlight.

Nature is the most important of the wonders of the world

In these places live wild animals and many of them are far from harmless. Non-dangerous representatives of the local fauna are roe deer, various birds and small rodents. But from predators there are foxes, wild boars and even wolves. In predator habitats, only hunters are allowed to go and only after the start of the hunting season.

The nature of my native land amazes with its diversity and beauty.

The homeland is the most native thing that a person has. The native land is the place where man was born and raised. I was born and raised in the Kuban. This is a wonderful place, saturated with fresh air and warm sun rays.

I believe that the native land should be the most beautiful and beloved. If a person leaves his own native land, he is not a patriot of his place of birth.

If a person is forced to leave his native land in need, then he should not be guilty. The nature of my native land is many. In the autumn, she seems to cry and says goodbye to the summer, and in winter the frost covers everything with fluffy snow and the forest and fields are frozen. To look at the forest in winter is very beautiful. The snow cap covers all the tops of the trees and they are as if in a single scale.

As soon as the snow comes down. there is the first, even barely green, grass. From the ground trying to break through the first flowers that will please all people. The trees have already removed their snow cap and as if pulled over the sun. The first green leaves appear on the branches. The sun’s rays make their way through the window and light up my whole room. Sometimes the sun instead of an alarm clock will be me in the morning so I’m not late for school. The butterflies come, and the world around them becomes more colorful. Summer is my favorite season. In my native land in summer, you can do anything. Not far from my house there is a sea in which I like to swim. The native land is not only nature, but also animals that inhabit this land. We have a lot of different birds that arrive here in the spring and stay until the fall. Then they fly away to a warmer climate to wait for the winter.

My native land is very dear to me, although here there are no palms and peach trees, but here there is the warmth of loved ones and clean air. Once, I thought about all the Atomic Electric Stations (NPPs) removed and created safer facilities for electricity production. Because of them, our air is not always as clean as we would like. After all, people can create something new, so as not to destroy our planet.

I am proud that I still do not leave my native land, but intend to develop here and start a family. The homeland is all for the person. Each person has his own, even if it is very small, homeland. A person should protect it with all his might and not pollute it, because our descendants will live on it.

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The nature of my land