The composition of Surikov’s painting “The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak”

In his painting “The Conquest of Siberia by Ermak”, the artist Surikov depicted the battle of the detachment Ermak and the troops of the Tatars. The battle takes place on the river and, judging by everything, this battle is decisive. At first glance, the commander-in-chief of Ermak is difficult to notice, as if he does not exist. Only by looking you can recognize him by gesture, which directs the army into battle. Ermak is no different from the others, he goes to battle with everyone, he is the same as his people. He is with them on a par with, in the center of events. Under the leadership of such a brave leader, the soldiers are not afraid to fight with cunning Tatars.

The whole situation is driven by a gloomy landscape. The gray sky, dirty yellow water and clay shore underscore the fact that war is a terrible event. If you look closely, you can see how the riders run off the shore. It becomes clear that the enemy was set to flight and Ermak’s squad would win.

The faces of his people are full of determination and courage. As they say, they will never surrender and will go to the victorious end. The people of Yermak are shooting with firearms, so they are enveloped in clubs of smoke. Tatars defend themselves with shields and shoot arrows, maybe that’s why they lose. Some Cossacks have axes in their belt, just in case.

Surikov so vividly and dynamically portrayed the battle that it seems as if he was painting a picture directly on the battlefield. Each hero has his own expression, which conveys certain emotions. All the costumes and images are drawn to the smallest detail. From the water protrude arrows of the Tatars, apparently not reaching the goal. In the distance, you can see the city, it is there that Ermak probably keeps his way with his army. His people are courageous and courageous, like himself. Only thanks to fearlessness and the ability to fight, Ermak wins in this battle. He managed to conquer the impregnable Siberia.

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The composition of Surikov’s painting “The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak”