Painting by Bryullov “A Girl Gathering Grapes”

“A Girl Gathering Grape in the Neighborhood of Naples” is a famous painting by the Russian artist Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1852). The painting was written in 1827. Canvas, oil. Dimensions: 62 x 32.5 cm. Located in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

The painting “A Girl Gathering Grapes” was written by Karl Bryullov after visiting Italy. In one of the Italian towns near Naples, the artist peeped the scene, which inspired him to write a canvas later recognized as a masterpiece of Russian and world painting. In Italy, Bryullov worked on improving his skills and sought inspiration in ordinary everyday scenes that might seem to the viewer understandable and therefore endowed with enchanting power.

In the center of the plot of the picture is the Italian, who stood on tiptoe to reach the grapes. The scene with the girl looks like a symbolic dance. The position of the girl is graceful and elegant. The second girl lay down on the steps and laid her head on the pumpkin. She has a tambourine in her hands. The musical instrument emphasizes the role of music and dance in this story. In the background is a boy who carries a bottle of wine. A bottle of wine can also be a symbol of harvesting, as a result of processing the grapes harvested. It is possible that under the boy with wine Bryullov meant the mythical Cupid – the god of love and fertility.

The movement of the picture is given by a stream of water, which is depicted in the lower right part of the picture. In the background, a donkey is depicted. Hard work to collect grapes Karl Pavlovich Bryullov portrayed as a scene from the theater, which is light, lyrical and joyful, musical motifs.

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Painting by Bryullov “A Girl Gathering Grapes”