The composition “My child is the most, the most”

This naughty, little boy, as well as everyone at this age. He has a mischievous sly look and a kind smile. Egory’s blond hair usually lies neatly even without the use of a comb, perhaps because it is cut short enough. He has a small nose and dimples on his cheeks. Our boy is thin, which terrifies grandmothers. They consider it a matter of honor to feed him when he falls into their hands. By the growth of Egorka does not lag behind peers.

He likes to run and make noise, scare a cat, ride a swing and watch cartoons, and especially likes puddles and mud. It is worth walking a little distracted, he immediately finds a puddle deeper and tries to get into it. Sometimes he succeeds and then in a second he becomes dirty, wet and happy.

Like all boys, my son is very fond of cars. He already has a full chest, but he still continues to order more and more. The bulk of his toys are already broken, because games with them are very active. Egor even managed to break the iron tank that survived the childhood of his grandfather and father.

In time, I want to give it to the sport. He definitely will go to the child for good. It seems to me that some martial art is best suited, but I will give the choice myself.

Most of all my baby likes it when I tell him that he is like a dad, big, strong and bold. He tries to be equal in everything to his father, I think that’s right, the boy should have an example. For all his activity, he is also very affectionate child, loves to cuddle and always regrets, if someone hurts.

I really love him and I hope that I will have the wisdom and patience to raise a real man from him.

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The composition “My child is the most, the most”