The coastline of Africa

The coast of Africa is poorly dissected, there are almost no convenient natural bays for porting. This is due to the peculiarities of the formation of the continent.

Near the coast of Africa there are few islands. The largest of these is Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The island has a continental origin. It arose as a result of a gigantic split in the distant past. As a result, the island appeared and the longest in the world Mozambique strait separating Madagascar from the mainland.

In the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa in shallow waters and high water temperatures formed numerous coral reefs. They impede navigation and complicate the approaches of sea ships to the coast.

In the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of the continent, several groups of small islands of volcanic origin, in particular Madeira, Canary, Cape Verde.

In the east of Africa, the only large peninsula of Somalia stands in the Indian Ocean. It is called the “African horn”, because in shape it resembles a rhino horn.

In the west, far into the dry land, the Guinea Bay

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The coastline of Africa