Summary “The second journey of Sinbad the Sailor”

Sinbad the Sailor was a brave and courageous traveler. During the second voyage Sinbad’s ship came to a beautiful island. On the ship, besides Sinbad, there were merchants. Everyone went out for a walk on the island. Sinbad sat down to rest and grab a bite. Unbeknownst, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he saw that the ship had already floated away. It turns out that the captain, sailors, and merchants did not notice the absence of Sinbad. The traveler wept bitterly. He understood that no one would find him on a deserted island. Sinbad began to walk around the island in search of water and food. He tried not to lose heart, hoping that he could find people. He spent several days in the hope. Once, while walking around the island, he climbed a tree and saw a huge dome. Sinbad thought that this is the palace where the king of the island lives, and immediately went to him. It turned out that this is not a palace, but a huge ball. Sinbad tried to climb on him, but he could not

do it.

Suddenly the traveler saw a huge bird and remembered the stories that on the distant islands live the bird Rukh, which feeds its chicks with elephants.

Sinbad realized that the ball is the egg of the bird Rukh. Soon the bird dropped on the egg and fell asleep. She did not notice the man. Sinbad quickly removed the turban from his head and tied it to the foot of the bird.

At the same time the bird did not notice anything, because compared to her, the person was tiny, like a bug. The next morning the bird wakes up.

Las and flew. Sinbad struggled to hold her foot. The bird began to sink to the ground. Sinbad unseen the turban. The bird grabbed something from the ground and flew away. Sinbad saw that she carried in her claws a huge snake. The traveler looked around, it turned out that he was in a deep valley. There were huge mountains around. There were no water, no trees.

The traveler began to wander around and suddenly saw that in the sunlight the valley began to shine and shimmer. Everywhere around there were diamonds, even the ground itself was diamond. From everywhere there was

a hissing, huge snakes were crawling here. Sinbad was very scared. Suddenly he saw a cave and hid there. There was a huge snake here, which made a terrible hiss. The man was frightened and got out of the cave. He did not know what to do. Suddenly a piece of meat fell in front of him, followed by one more, and one more. Then Sinbad realized where he was. He heard a story about the valley of diamonds. This valley is located in such a place that a person can not get there. But people came up with how to mine diamonds. They cut the sheep and throw the meat into the valley.

Diamonds stick to the meat. And when the birds of prey descend – eagles and hawks, and grab the meat, flying up with it, the merchants drive the birds away from the meat and collect the adhering diamonds.

Sinbad figured out how to escape. He dialed diamonds, lay down on the ground, put on a large piece of meat and tied it to himself. Soon the mountain eagle grabbed the meat and took off. There was a scream and a knock, the eagle threw the meat and flew away. Sinbad stood up and saw a man. He did not pay attention to him, rushed to the meat and did not find a single diamond. Then the merchant exclaimed that he had already thrown a whole bull and had not received a single stone. Suddenly the merchant saw Sinbad in blood and torn clothes. The merchant was frightened, began to ask who he was and how he got here. Sinbad explained everything to him, asked for help to get back to his homeland, promised for this unprecedented diamonds.

The merchant helped Rindbad, for which he gave him diamonds.

The traveler reached the native city of Baghdad for a long time. Here he sold his diamonds and began to trade, as it was before.

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Summary “The second journey of Sinbad the Sailor”