The biography of Elvis Presley

The biography of Elvis Presley

Musician and actor Elvis Presley became insanely popular in the mid-1950s. He was popular on radio, television and movie screens. Until now, he is one of the outstanding rock-n-rollers.

Early interest in music

Musician and actor Elvis Aron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Later, he changed his middle name from Aaron to a biblical form – Aaron. Brother Presley, Jesse Garon, died at birth.

The Presley family was from the working class, in which there was not enough money, because of what they often moved from place to place. Presley loved his parents much, especially his mother, Gladys. He grew up a deeply religious person. With his parents, Presley attended the Assembly of God Church, where he was influenced by gospel music.


10 years, Presley had his first guitar, and a little later he won a talent contest at the school “Humes High School” in Memphis, which made it possible to feel the first taste of victories. After leaving school in 1953, Presley worked in many places at the same time, trying to realize his dream in the musical field. He recorded his first demo version of the song in a place that would later be called the recording studio “Sun Studio”. Sam Phillips, the owner of the recording studio, decided to take the young performer under his care. Soon, Presley already recorded his songs and went on a tour in the hope of success. The first single of Presley was the song “That’s All Right”.

First-class hit

In 1955, Presley began to appear fans attracted by his unusual musical style, provocative rotation of the hips and pleasant appearance. In the same year he signed a contract with the studio “RCA Records”. The deal was helped to conclude his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. In 1956 Presley became successful, recording his single “Heartbreak Hotel” and the first album “Elvis Presley”, and also signing a contract with “Paramount Pictures” for the shooting in the film. Despite the gossip over the immodest movements of the hips, he became a frequent guest

on numerous variety TV shows.

Soon, Presley was everywhere – on radio, television and cinema, working as a musician and actor. His first film with the title “Love me tenderly”, released on screens in 1956, became a real hit in theaters. Even service in the army did not become a hindrance to the rapidly developing popularity of Presley. He received a summons in 1957, and in the ranks of recruits was in March 1958. He served in Germany for a year and a half. Shortly before he left for Europe, his mother died. In the service he was given leave, so that he could attend her funeral, after which Presley returned to the service, seriously experiencing loss. His mental state improved slightly after meeting with Priscilla Bewley.

After serving in the army, Presley returned to his musical career and was soon at the top of the ratings with the soundtrack to the film “Soldier blues”, in which he played the main role. In the following years he continues to study music and act in such films as “Blue Hawaii” in 1961, “Girls, Girls, Girls!” in 1962 and “Long live Las Vegas” in 1964. And even though his films were of mixed success, they brought in revenue, like the soundtracks for films that were usually sold better. But by the end of the 60’s the popularity of Presley in cinemas began to fall. In an attempt to prove that he is still the “King of Rock and Roll”, in 1968 Presley releases his first TV concert entitled “’68 Comeback”. He “pumped” the audience with his performance,

Problems in Personal Life

Personal life Presley was also on top. She and Priscilla got married in 1967, and in 1968 they had a daughter, Liza Marie. Unfortunately, they did not last long together. By the early 70’s, Elvis’s marriage began to fall apart, and in 1973 they divorced from Priscilla and she received custody of her daughter. Presley fought and with other problems – he had a dependence on the medicines prescribed to him. He also struggled with being overweight. In the autumn of the same year, his health failed: Presley was hospitalized because of problems with drugs and their reception.

Despite the circumstances in his personal life, Presley remained popular both in Las Vegas and beyond. His last concert took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, after which he returned to the “Graceland” mansion in Memphis to prepare for the next tour.

Death and heritage

On the morning of August 16, 1977, at the age of 42, Presley died of heart failure. Later it was found that the death was due to an overdose of prescribed medications. Presley is buried in the estate of the estate “Graceland”, next to the graves of his mother, father and grandmother.

During his career, Presley helped popularize rock’n’roll in America. For his gospel compositions he received three Grammy awards. Presley has 18 songs that took first place in the ratings, including “Do not Be Cruel”, “Good Luck Charm” and “Suspicious Minds”, as well as a large number of gold and platinum albums. He was one of the first musicians included in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Elvis contributed to several musical genres, such as rock, country and gospel. In 1998, Elvis was posthumously included in the “Country Music Hall of Fame”, and three years later also included in the “Gospel Music Hall of Fame” from the “Gospel Music Association”.

Presley remains one of the main symbols of the world of music. A lot of films revealed facts from the life of a mysterious musician, including the 2005 film, in which Jonathan Rhys-Myers played the role of Elvis. The house in which Elvis lived, is open for visits, and every year it is visited by fans from all over the world, especially on the days of his birth and death.

On August 16, 2012, thousands of fans visited “Graceland” on the 35th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley for the night service in memory of the King of Rock and Roll. At this meeting, the fans lit candles at Presley’s house. Despite the fact that the family organizes various events on the anniversary of death, 2012 was a special year, because for the first time, Elvis Presley’s wife and daughter appeared together in public.


“Fingerprints, like values ​​- they are everywhere you were.”

“After the course of combat training you can eat a whole bull.”

“The goal is a dream with a turbocharged engine.”

“Animals can not hate, but we are considered better than they.”

“If things go wrong, do not go with them.”

“True, like the sun – although you can get rid of it for a while, but forever get rid of it will not work.”

“I love Vegas so much!”

“Someone beats the rhythm with their feet, someone gnaws their nails, and someone can not make a final decision, and I unite them all”.

“Yes, compared to my contemporaries, I was just quiet.” Are you laughing? I just danced, wagging my hips. “

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The biography of Elvis Presley