Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky. Biography

Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky. Biography

The life of AT Tvardovsky in dates and facts

1910, June 8 – the birth of a poet on the farm Zagorje Smolensk province in the family of a rural blacksmith.

1918 – 1924 – years of study in a rural school, early interest in poetry.

1924 – the work of the Selkor of Smolensk newspapers, where in 1925 his poems were published.

1925 – 1936 – poems about collectivization: “The way to socialism”, “Introduction”, “Country of Muravia”. The story “Diary of the chairman of the collective farm.” The output of the collection of poems, which included works of 1930-1935.

1939 – the end of the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature. Issue of the poetic collection “Country


1939-1940 – participation in the Soviet-Finnish war as a military correspondent. A cycle of poems “In the snows of Finland”. Awarding the Order of Lenin, awarding the Stalin Prize of the 2nd degree for the book “Country of Muravia”.

1941-1945 – work in military newspapers, the publication of numerous correspondence, essays and poems. Creation of the poem “Vasily Terkin: The Book about the Fighter”.

1946 – The poem “The House by the Road”. The publication of poems about the war: “I’m killed under Rzhev,” and others.

1950-1954 – Work as editor-in-chief of the magazine “New World”. The publication of the poem “For a long distance”. The first edition of the poem “Terkin in the next world.”

1961 – Publication of a poetic collection “Poems from a notebook”, books of literary criticism “Articles and Notes on Literature”.

1963 – Publication of the final version of the satirical poem “The Tender in the Other World.”

1963-1968 – Work as vice-president of the European Community of Writers. Lyrics of recent years: “From the lyrics of these years,” the cycle “In Memory of the Mother,” a cycle of poems “From the notebook.” Active state activity.

1971 – the death of Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky in the cottage settlement near Krasnaya Pakhra, Moscow region.

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Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky. Biography