Biography of Alexy II

Biography of Alexy II

Patriarch Alexy II – Patriarch of Moscow, All Russia, Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Already in his early childhood, Alexei II’s biography showed a desire to help people, to serve as a priest. At the age of 15 he became a clergyman of the archbishop, then an altar boy, a psalmist.

He studied at the Leningrad Theological Seminary, after – at the Academy. For the patriarch Alexy II, in the biography, during the training, the post of deacon was occupied, then the presbyter. In March, in 1961, he took the monastic vows, taking the name of Alex. In August of the same year he became an archimandrite, and in September was ordained a bishop.

Then in the biography of Alexy II was received the rank of Archbishop, and in 1968 – Metropolitan. Since 1961 he has been active in public activities: he was a member of the World Council of Churches, participated in many conferences. Alexy served as vice-president of the Soviet-Indian Friendship Society. In 1984, in the biography of Patriarch Alexy II, a doctorate in theology was obtained.

In 1990, Alexis was elected patriarch. During the service in the biography of Patriarch Alexy II, a lot of changes were made in the ROC. Thus, the number of religious institutions increased, the autonomy of non-Russian units of the ROC increased, and the role of the church in public life increased.

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Biography of Alexy II