Summary of “Brave New World” Huxley

The action of this novel anti-utopia takes place in a fictional World State. There is a 632-year stability era, the Era Ford. Ford, who created the world’s largest automobile company in the early twentieth century, is revered in the World State for God. It is called “Our Lord Ford”. In the state this is ruled by technocracy. Children are not born here – fertilized eggs are grown in special incubators.

And they are grown under different conditions, so they get completely different individuals – alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. Alpha is, as it were, people of the first grade, workers of intellectual work, epsilons are people of lower caste, capable only of monotonous physical labor. First, the embryos are maintained under certain conditions, then they appear in the light from glass bottles – this is called the Raskuporka. Infants are brought up in different ways. Each caste is brought up with a piety before a higher caste and contempt for

castes inferior. Costumes for each caste of a certain color. For example, alpha go in gray, gamma – in green, epsilon – in black.

The standardization of society is the main thing in the World State. “Community, Identity, Stability” is the motto of the planet. In this world everything is subordinated to expediency for the benefit of civilization. Children in a dream are inspired by the truths that are recorded in their subconscious. And an adult, faced with any problem, immediately recalls some saving recipe, remembered in infancy. This world lives today, forgetting the history of mankind. “History is nothing.” Emotions, passions are something that can only hinder a person. In the Doford world, everyone had parents, a father’s house, but this did not bring people anything except unnecessary suffering. And now – “Everyone belongs to everyone else.” What for love, for what experiences and dramas? Therefore, children are taught from an early age to erotic games,

And it is desirable that these partners change as often as possible, because everyone belongs

to everyone else. There is no art, there is only entertainment industry. Synthetic music, electronic golf, “sinooschuschalki – movies with a primitive storyline, looking that you really feel what is happening on the screen. And if you somehow spoiled the mood – it’s easy to fix, you need to take only one or two grams of catfish, lung a drug that immediately calms you down and cheers. “Soma gram – and no dramas.”

-Bernard Marx – a representative of the highest class, alpha-plus. But he is different from his fellow men. Too thoughtful, melancholy, even romantic. Heal, is weak and does not like sports. There are rumors that he was accidentally injected with alcohol in the incubator for the embryos instead of the blood substitute, so he turned out so strange.

Linaine Crown is a beta girl. She is pretty, slender, sexy (about such say “pneumatic”), Bernard is pleasant to her, although much in his behavior is incomprehensible to her. For example, she is amused that he is embarrassed when she, in the presence of others, discusses with him the plans for their upcoming jaunt. But go with him to New Mexico. in the reserve, she really wants, especially since the permission to get there is not so easy.

Bernard and Linaine go to the reserve, where wild people live as they did before the Era Ford. They have not tasted the benefits of civilization, they are born of real parents, they love, suffer, hope. In the Indian village of Malparaíso, Bertrand and Linaine are met with a strange savage – he is unlike other Indians, blond and speaks English, though at some ancient time. Then it turns out that John found a book in the reserve, it was Shakespeare’s volume, and he almost learned it by heart.

It turned out that many years ago a young man Thomas and a girl Linda went on an excursion to the reserve. Thunderstorm began. Thomas managed to return back to the civilized world, but the girl was not found and decided that she was dead. But the girl survived and was in an Indian village. There she gave birth to a child, and she became pregnant in a civilized world. Therefore, I did not want to go back, because there is no shame worse than becoming a mother. In the village she became addicted to mescal, Indian vodka, because she did not have a catfish that helps to forget all problems; Indians despised her – she, according to them, behaved badly and easily converged with men, because she was taught that copulation, or, in – Fordovsky. mutual use is only a pleasure, accessible to all.

Bertrand decides to bring John and Linda to the World of Graffiti. Linda inspires disgust and horror to everyone, and John, or Savage, as they began to call him, becomes a fashionable curiosity. Bertrand is instructed to acquaint the Savage with the benefits of civilization, which do not surprise him. He constantly quotes Shakespeare, who talks about things more amazing. But he falls in love with Linaine and sees in her beautiful Juliet. Linaine flattered Savage’s attention, but she could not understand why, when she suggested that he engage in “mutual use,” he becomes enraged and calls her harlot.

Challenge the civilization The savage decides after seeing Linda dying in the hospital. For him, this is a tragedy, but in a civilized world, death is treated calmly, as a natural physiological process. Children from the most remote areas are led to wards to the dying on excursions, entertain them there, feed sweets – all in order that the child is not afraid of death and does not see suffering in it. After Linda’s death, Savage comes to the point of distribution of the catfish and begins to furiously persuade everyone to abandon the drug, which obscures their brains. The panic can hardly be stopped by letting a pair of catfish into the queue. And the Savage, Bertrand and his friend Helmholtz are summoned to one of the ten Main Managers, his Fordishettp Mustafa Mondu.

He also explains to Diecar that in the new world they sacrificed art, true science, passions in order to create a stable and prosperous society. Mustafa Mond tells that in his youth he was too carried away by science, and then he was offered a choice between a reference to a distant island where all dissidents are gathered and the position of the Chief Executive. He chose the latter and stood up for stability and order, although he himself perfectly understands what it serves. “I do not want comforts,” the Savage answers, “I want God, poetry, real danger, I want freedom, and good and sin.” Helmholtz Mustafa also offers a link, adding, however, that on the islands the most interesting people in the world gather, those who are not satisfied with the orthodoxy, those who have independent views. The savage also asks for the island,

And then the Savage himself withdraws from the civilized world. He decides to settle on an old abandoned airframe. For the last money he buys the most necessary things – blankets, matches, nails, seeds and intends to live away from the world, growing his bread and praying – whether Jesus, the Indian god Pukong, or his cherished custodian eagle. But somehow somebody. accidentally passing by, sees on the hillside a passionately beating, half-naked Savage. And again a crowd of curious people comes running, for whom the Savage is only a funny and incomprehensible creature. “We want bi-cha. We want bi-cha!” – the crowd chants. And then the Savage, noticing in the crowd of Linaine, with a shout “The whore” rushes with a scourge at her.

The next day a couple of young Londoners come to the lighthouse, but, having entered inside, they see the Savage hanging himself.

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Summary of “Brave New World” Huxley