The adventures of a boy who became superplated

If at school the teacher gave the task to the guys at the drawing class to depict on the sheet of paper the car tire track, everyone would be surprised: what kind of drawing is this? But Calle Blomqvist, the hero of the book Astrid Lindgren, a thirteen-year-old Swede, without any assignment from the instructor, copied the track of the Volvo car tire and wrote down his number in his notebook. And he did it in the summer holidays, when his peers sunbathed on the banks of the river or the sea.

What kind of strange business did Calle think up for himself? For his friend Anders and the daughter of baker Eva-Lotta there was nothing strange about this. They knew that Kale was dreaming of becoming a detective, but not just dreaming. He does not wait until he grows up, but now he is trying to act like a real policeman. Kalle wants to expose the criminals who stole the jewels. Sketched Kalle’s pattern of a new tire is a trace left by the car of criminals.

But who are these

criminals? Unfortunately, one of them – the unexpected guest of Eva-Lola’s mother, with whom the boys were friends – is Uncle Einar. Kalle seemed suspicious that he had a master key, with which he opened the door leading to the dungeon. And then Uncle Einar bought a flashlight. “Why did he need a flashlight,” Kalle thought, “and even in the middle of the summer, when it’s almost light all night? First, a picklock, then a flashlight.” All this is extremely mysterious and suspicious. “

Kalle and his friends began to follow Uncle Einar and his accomplices. Observation did not fail Kalle: the guys helped the police detain the criminals. Of course, everything was not as simple as I am now describing. There was also a terrible dungeon in which criminals Kalle and his friends were locked up, and a real chase in a real police car for escaping robbers. It took Kalle and savvy to mislead Uncle Einar and his associates: he pointed out the false address of the box of jewelry. Well, of course, the track of the tire he copied also served as a service for the capture of thieves.

So it’s not such a useless task sometimes to paint the pattern of an automobile tire.

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The adventures of a boy who became superplated