Summary of “Christmas Song”

Scrooge was a good miser. He was the owner of the famous office “Scrooge and Marley,” and although the companion had long since died, he still did not change the sign.

It was Christmas Eve. Scrooge was unhappy. He did not like holidays, because these days the money was wasted. And he did not spend money on pampering. Therefore, he ordered the clerk to be at work in the morning, rudely sent a nephew, did not give a cent to visitors from a charitable organization.

Scrooge lived in an apartment that once belonged to Marley. But this evening he was waiting for a very unexpected meeting! Scrooge never believed in ghosts, and this time his face instantly changed as soon as he saw Marli’s face in front of him.

With his pigtail, in an unchanged waistcoat, tight trousers and boots – it was he. Brushes on their boots protruded, the hair on their heads protruded, the braid protruded, the edges of the coat were worn. The chain surrounded him and waved

along the floor like a tail. It consisted of keys, pads, carnivals, documents, ledgers and heavy wallets with iron clasps. The body of the ghost was completely transparent, and Scrooge, examining him from the front, expressive saw through the waistcoat two rear buttons on the coat.

Marley told Scroogevi that he should think about mercy and atone for his sins. In addition, warned that he visit, three more Spirits.

The first of the three Spirits

The first Spirit that came to Scrooge in the middle of the night was the spirit of the minute of Christmas. He touched the heart of the old miser and led him through the wall into the street. Scrooge was in the area where he was born and grew up. The spirit showed him school, friends, sister and a few touching episodes from his former life. Then Scrooge saw a girl who was left for the sake of money, her family, who could be his family.

What I saw struck Scrooge. He nearly lost consciousness from despair; and the spirit returned him home.

The second of the three Spirits

Scrooge prepared for the worst. He was waiting for a conversation with

the second Spirit. And when the clock on the bell tower knocked out the first and the ghost did not appear, it shook like a fever. Five minutes passed, ten, fifteen – nothing. But all this time Scrooge was seemingly in the very center of the purple-red radiance. He could not understand where it came from and what it meant. And it seemed to him more terrible than a good cop of ghosts.

Scrooge got up from the bed and headed for the door to see if the glow from the next room was coming. But at that moment a voice called out, which ordered him to enter.

It was his own room. But it has changed surprisingly. All the walls and ceiling were decorated with living plants, so that the room was more like a gay. Bright shiny berries gaily peeped out of the green leaves. On the floor a huge pile resembling a throne, lay all sorts of goodies. And on this pile, the gay and syyalivy Giant sat unconcerned and majestic. In his hand he held a torch, which reminded him of his contours with the cornucopia; He lifted it high above his head to properly illuminate Scrooge when he thrust his head through the door.

It was the Spirit of the current holidays. He led Scrooge to the streets of the city. They went into the houses of the poor – and people’s faces lit up with hope, the sums disappeared, laughter and sincere gratitude were heard everywhere.

The clock struck midnight and the Spirit disappeared. When the twelfth blow of the bell vidguv among the silence, Scrooge remembered the prophecy of Jacob Marley and, raising his eyes, saw a majestic Ghost wrapped from head to foot in a cloak with a hood – he reached him above the ground, throwing himself on a cloud or fog.

The Last of Spirits

The spirit approached – silently, slowly, severely. And when he was already very close, Scrooge smelled of such a gloomy mystery that he fell to his knees in front of him. The black, Ghost-like gown of the Ghost hid his head, his face, his figure-there was only one, an outstretched hand.

Scrooge saw before him the spirit of the coming Christmas. The Spirit did not say anything. Scrooge followed. This time the spirit brought him to the stock exchange, where his acquaintances talked about the death of some miser. A shudder flung Scrooge from head to toe. This miser was he.

Scrooge turned to the Spirit, asking to change his destiny, and suddenly noticed that the Spirit had changed in appearance. His hood and mantle were covered with large wrinkles, they sagged, and he cringed, turning into a carved column of bed.

Scrooge got up excitedly. He ran around the room, did a lot of pointless things, shouted something. Being among the Spirits, Scrooge forgot what day it was and when he heard that today was Christmas, he was very glad that he did not miss the holiday.

He bought and sent a turkey to his clerk. Then he shaved, went out festively and left the house. He congratulated passers-by with a holiday, visited the church, then wandered the streets. He looked at passers-by who hurried past him, stroked the heads of the children, talked to the beggars, looked through the windows of the apartments, and into the basement windows of the kitchens, and everything he saw filled his heart with joy.

And when it began to get dark, he went to the house of his nephew. In the morning he appeared at work and informed the clerk that he raised his salary. Then I congratulated him on the holiday and sent him home with a wish to have a good time. Moreover, he promised to do everything possible for his family.

And Scrooge did what he promised. And even more.

The fantastic work of Charles Dickens, full of mysterious events, reminds us of the main values ​​of life. He exposes the greedy, stale people who value money the most in their lives.

For the protagonist Scrooge, there is no sincere relationship and feelings, no compassion for the poor. For him, there is no even a holiday and a fun – because it is a waste of money. But fate gives him a chance to improve. The whole life flashed before him: the past, the present, and even the future. It was the moment when Scrooge was near his own grave, changed everything in the life of the hero. Now he was only afraid of one thing: that he would not have time to correct all his mistakes in one day. Or that the people whom he so much insulted will not forgive him for this.

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Summary of “Christmas Song”