Summary of “Podschipa”

Enamored since childhood, Princess Poshchipa and Prince Slobody can not be together, because she is forced to wear a wedding with the German prince Trumf. This prince had already received a refusal from her, and then declared war to her Pope Vakule, which Trumf had won. He promises to return the throne to her father only if she becomes his wife. King Vakula agreed to these conditions.

Czernavka the maid says that she does not worry, but she is inconsolable. She practically refuses to eat. He ceases to wash his face and comb his braids. Marshal Durduran entered. In his hands is a wedding cock. He brings news that an hour’s wedding. She loses consciousness. The maid servant is afraid that the princess does not put her hands on herself. The Marshal assures that all precautions are taken.

Trumph is claimed for Podschip. The princess explains to the German invader that they are completely different people. It is not possible to convince Trumf. The princess tells him straight

in the face that she does not like him. From these words he falls into a rage and leaves.

Slobber comes and says that he can not fight the German, because his mother forbade wearing an iron sword, and he wears a wooden sword. Podshchipa sends the maid to her father, whom she wants to see.

The Princess offers a joint death. The prince agrees, then they together try to jump out of the window, slaughter or drown. And as time has approached, to performance Sljunjaj has been frightened and then the princess leaves it.

King Vakula collects the king’s advice. Prince Slobodnya is not invited to the council. Joyful Slobbery goes to the dovecote. The council is looking for a solution, how to get rid of Trumph. But at the moment when Vakula wants to hear the sentence, she sees in front of herself such a picture: that one of them is blind and can not read, the second is dumb, the third is deaf, and the fourth is barely breathing because of old age. The king rises and goes, giving them, a little time to think. The council falls asleep.

Disappointed Vakula goes to meet with Podschipa. She assumes

the cause of sadness is Trumph. The problem of the lack of mood in the father is that the servant broke his child’s toy. He sends food and drink to the council, which would be better thought.

The Council issues a decision that Durduran reads and it is: one must go to a gypsy who lives behind a bridge. After it was sent. Appears and begins to guess Vakule, and tells the king that his heart is very excited about the German. The gypsy woman guarantees that if the marshal will fulfill all her demands, the German will forget the road here. After the king, they tell fortunes to the princess and say that she loves Slobbery. In case of getting rid of Tromf, the gypsy woman will get a warm quilted jacket.

The German learns of the plot is infuriated and the room bursts. Vakula asks for forgiveness for this. He drives everyone out except the gypsy. And she says that she gave love to Podchispy to Trumf, he believes in it and leaves satisfied.

The German, walking, stumbles upon Slobber. Trumph, wants to kill one, and he begs for mercy on his knees. Because of the respect of Tromf to the princely family offers a duel and gives a gun. Slobbery refuses, since he does not accept violence. He is ready to give up the bride in return for his life. The German puts an ultimatum to the prince that he will persuade him to marry him will live otherwise, on the contrary.

Podshchipa came in, she does not hold on to Slobbery because of the persuasion of her father. She loves him with all her heart, but he persuades her to save his skin for him. The lump responds with a categorical refusal, and declares to Trumf that she loves Slobbery and let him at least hang him or shoot, nothing will change from this.

Enraged, Trumph breaks in and wants to kill Slobbery. At this moment Vakula comes in and announces victory. All thanks to a gypsy woman who sent money to the Germans for swallowing and sick with tuberculosis. When everything began to work, the army of Vakula surrounded the Germans, and they surrendered.

A gypsy becomes a maid of honor. Trumph was punished in the original way: let the barber put it on the dandy, brush it “in five buns”, tie up the toad, “to jump the Cossack.” Trumph appeared in the evening, and at that moment Slobbery and Podchispa are playing a wedding.

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Summary of “Podschipa”