Summary “Chuk and Huck” Gaidar

New Year’s Eve. during the game of two brothers, Chuk and Huck, there was a ring at the door. Opening it, they saw the postman standing in the doorway, who brought a letter from their father. The children were delighted and began running around the apartment, not noticing that their mother had come. After reading the letter she informed her sons that their father could not come to them, so they themselves would go to him. For a week there were preparations for the trip. Almost before the departure, a quarrel arose between the brothers, during which Huck threw a metal box of Chuck from the window, in which he found the telegram received. Her long search did not bring any result, so the brothers decided not to say anything about what happened to their mother. The next day they set off on the train.

At night Huck woke with a thirst and decided to go out into the corridor. Alternately sitting on all the empty benches, he nevertheless decided to return to his place, but in the

darkness having confused the compartment, lay down on someone else’s bed. Finding that he was not in his compartment, Huck was very frightened, but the adults helped him find his place. The next morning everyone laughed at his nightly adventures for a long time. The day dragged on for a long time, and the boys looked through the window of their compartment, the snow-covered forests and villages glimmering behind it.

When the train arrived at the destination in the morning, no one met them. The angry mother left the children with things, and she went herself, to look for transport, through which they can reach their father’s place of temporary residence. Having agreed with the coachman, they, having loaded all the luggage and settled comfortably in the sleigh, set out on a journey that ran through the taiga. For the night they stopped in the hut where the coachman stopped.

For the whole next day they were on the road, driving through forests and mountains. When they reached their father’s base, they did not find any people or dogs there. After walking all the houses, the driver found another

warm stove, and concluded that the people had gone hunting. Mother and children settled on a warm stove and waited for the owners to return, not visibly falling asleep. They woke up from the fact that the watchman of this station returned. After explaining who they are, the mother found out that her father had sent her a telegram saying that they did not go anywhere. Realizing what was happening, the mother asked her children about what they had done with the telegram from her father. In response, she heard amicable sobbing.

A little calmed down, Chuk and Huck, interrupting each other, told their mother the whole story. The caretaker explained to his mother that her husband, as part of the reconnaissance expedition, had urgently left for the gorge and would not be there for another 10 days. Mother decided to stay with the children in this hut and wait for the father’s return. The watchman showed where the firewood and food supplies are, and went to the taiga to check the traps. The days dragged on very long. After a few days, the products and prepared firewood began to end, so the mother had to chop them herself. In one of the dinners, Huck had a depressed mood, so the mother left him at home, and herself with Chuk followed the water and brushwood.

Huck was bored and decided to have some fun. Returning from the forest, the mother and Chuk did not find Huck. After much searching, the mother took the gun and began to shoot into the air. At her call, someone responded with a retaliatory salvo. A guard with a dog hurried to help her. Mother in tears told him that her son disappeared. The guard’s dog scented something and began to scratch with his paw a large chest. Opening it, everyone saw a peacefully sleeping Huck. The watchman handed the mother a letter from his father and the key to his room. He said that they will return in four days. Moving to his father’s room, they all began to prepare together for the New Year’s Eve. Four days passed unnoticed and soon everyone heard the noise of people and dogs approaching the station. The meeting was turbulent and joyful, after which all amicably gathered at the dressed up Christmas tree to celebrate the New Year.

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Summary “Chuk and Huck” Gaidar