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Edgar Poe’s story “The Fall of the House of Ushers,” a brief summary of which we will consider, is written in 1839. The work of this universal writer includes short stories, poems, a novel, a textbook, a book of scientific theory, as well as hundreds of articles and reviews. Now he is widely recognized as the creator of a modern detective story and innovator in the science fiction genre, but he earned his living as the first great literary critic and theorist of America.

Unbearable longing

A childhood friend on a dull autumn day, at the invitation of Roderick Asher, drives up to the grand master’s castle. He rode on a dreary desert area. When the narrator drove up to the castle, he saw a desolate lonely house with sullen walls and broken windows. On one wall was a barely visible crack from the roof across the entire wall of the building. The house and the surrounding landscape caused horror for unknown reasons. In the atmosphere of mysterious fear,

the story “The Fall of the House of Ushers” begins, the brief content of which we begin to set out.

Meeting friends

Through the Gothic porch the guest entered the building. He was led along dark sinuous corridors to Roderick’s room. Everything in it was enveloped in gloomy hopelessness: old uncomfortable old furniture, scattered books and musical instruments, a light that did not get to the corners of the room. Everything caused sadness. Asher, exhausted to the last degree, rose from the sofa, and the narrator was shocked by the changes that had taken place with his friend. Roderick was ghostly pale, and his eyes glowed damply. Silky, long-hair-cropped hair framed her face with light strings. Movements were impulsive and convulsive. He quickly moved from excitement to despair. His voice trembled. Roderick expected that he would soon die of hereditary disease. It was oppressed by waiting. He told a friend that his sister Magdalene was about to die. It is unlikely that she will live a few days. She refuses to go to bed and walks around the castle. A very thin, translucent Lady of Magdalene

came into the room like a ghost and, without even noticing the guest, silently walked about her business. The brother, covering his face with thin hands, cried. In an atmosphere of sad melancholy, from which the heart was squeezed, the first meeting of friends was held. The narrative of the difficult spiritual state of Roderick is the essence of the story “The Fall of the House of Aschers.” The summary can not reflect the fullness of the experience of the last representative of the House. The narrative of the difficult spiritual state of Roderick is the essence of the story “The Fall of the House of Aschers.” The summary can not reflect the fullness of the experience of the last representative of the House. The narrative of the difficult spiritual state of Roderick is the essence of the story “The Fall of the House of Aschers.” The summary can not reflect the fullness of the experience of the last representative of the House.

Occupations of Roderick and his guest

It was impossible to cheer Roderick. Friends often read together, sometimes Asher improvised on the guitar, making grim mournful sounds. It was in these classes that days passed. They did not go anywhere outside the house. From the story it is clear that the fall of Asher’s house will be logical. A brief summary leads to the idea that the brother and sister are not viable. They are both doomed.

The Death of Lady Magdalene

Roderick was very fond of reading the ancient book “Vigils by the Dead”. Her joyless and sullen rites caused deep sorrow. Late in the evening Roderick brought to his friend the news that Lady Magdalene had died, and he wants to temporarily place her body in a crypt in the basement of the house for two weeks. The body of the deceased was laid in a coffin and carried by friends deep into the cellar. The heavy doors of the crypt behind her closed. This continuation has a short story “The Fall of the House of Ushers.” The summary will further show the tragic outcome, which will have Lady Magdalene’s burial.

The monstrous storm

All week long filled with sadness and fear, Roderick could not do his usual business. He wandered from room to room. The horror was constantly heard in his voice. His face became even more earthy, and he seemed to be waiting for something terrible. A nightmare will recall the story “The Fall of the House of Asher”, the content of which is approaching a heart-breaking, catastrophic end. At night, a fear aroused in the friends of the storm. They could not sleep and began to read the knightly tale. But every time when a novel described a sound, then he immediately quietly echoes echoed in the room. The blood froze in the veins of Roderick, and he seemed to be stiff. Finally, he squeezed out a few words: “We buried her alive.” I knew about this for more than a day. ” At that moment, the ancient door swung open. On the threshold in the shroud stood Lady Magdalene.

She fell on her brother’s chest, and they instantly passed away. Our narrator rushed from the hellish house. Looking back at him for the last time, he saw that the thin crack widened, and the powerful walls crashed into ruins. A full blood-red moon shone above them. This concludes the story “The Fall of the House of Ushers.” A brief summary is a brief, read in 3 minutes. The feeling of strong fear, which comes to depression, causes the full version of this short, in 4 sheet, novella.

What readers think

The book “The Fall of the House of Ushers” causes a storm of emotions. The content and feedback of the readers are almost unanimous – it is a modern, classical artwork that corresponds to our time. The content of the story evokes exciting fear. In the work everything is immersed in mysticism. The gloomy charms of this story, dark thoughts, subtle psychologism can not resist. The novella is read in one breath. From the outset, there is an alarm, which, as the plot develops, intensifies. Many note the abundance of various epithets, which the author uses to describe the house and its environs. Some readers after this story sleep with light all night. Others experience the effect of a split personality. The premonition of a tragic denouement makes the story terrible.

The delights of readers

A great story, other readers consider, the intrigue of which captures from the very beginning. Edgar Poe created an atmosphere of fear, which keeps in suspense while reading. The situation is brought to destructive mad terror. The finale does not leave anyone indifferent. The end of the story is simply staggering. There is no negative feedback, although the book was written more than 70 years ago. The words “horror” and “fear” are repeated by every reader. Everyone is recommended to get acquainted with its full content in order to feel its atmosphere, to experience all the emotions that the author passed on.

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Summary “The Fall of the House of Asherov” By