Summary of Lyudmila Zhukovsky

Lyudmila expects her lover from a military campaign. Standing at the crossroads, the girl watches as the surviving warriors pass by her, but there is no favorite among them. Lyudmila decides that her beloved has died. Going home she thinks about him and her feelings for him; it seems to her that she can not live without him.

Break up, my grave; Coffin, open up; full of life; Do not love your heart twice.

At home, a frightened mother tries to find out what the daughter is so upset about. Lyudmila replies that she does not want to live anymore, but God has forgotten about her. Mother answers that it is necessary to be humble, accept and persistently experience what God sends, then the soul will certainly fall into paradise. But the girl thinks that with her favorite paradise is everywhere, and without it there is hell everywhere.

With the sweet together – everywhere paradise; With a sweet rose – paradise edge.

At night, the bridegroom appears before Lyudmila and takes her to her room. They keep their way to his cold and cramped home. The whole night they skip and come to the gate in the morning, behind which there are crosses and graves. The horse, together with the rider, falls into a fresh grave. Lyudmila sees her fiance dead – blue and scary, he calls her to him. Frightened, petrified Lyudmila falls dead in the grave to her lover. The dead walk out of their graves, their terrible chorus howls:

Mortal murmurs are reckless; The Almighty King is just; Yours heard the groan of the creator; Your hour has struck, the end has come.

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Summary of Lyudmila Zhukovsky