“Clay arbor” Lin Mengchu in summary

Wan was a tea-seller, and Tao, nicknamed Iron Monk, helped him. He was stealing from the owner famously. Once he caught Vanya at the count of the stolen money and drove it out. Throughout the city, a former servant was abused by a thief, so no one took the Iron Monk.

He was already starving to the last extreme, tired of damning the former master, when he accidentally heard that Vanya’s daughter, having become a widow, returned home with all the belongings and a young brother. Tao decided to meet her first, maybe help than, maybe just ask for intercession.

On the road Tao called a stranger. After learning about the affairs of the Iron Monk, he called him with him. So Tao was in a bandit gang. After refreshing himself, he went on scouting and soon reported to his new friends that Wang Xunyan with his brother and servant would be in the evening, and their luggage had noble.

In the dark forest, the robbers attacked the travelers, the servant and the boy were killed,

and Wang Xunyan took the ringleader as his wife.

Once a woman asked about the name of her new husband, and he admitted that his name was Miao Zhong, and the nickname – Ten Dragons. His lieutenant, nicknamed Mecheny, was dissatisfied with such frankness, he suspected that a woman could carry, and planned to kill her. The leader had to take her to a safe place, to her acquaintance, and leave it there. The acquaintance of this one declared unhappy that Miao Zhong had sold it to her.

A few days later, Wang Xunyan got out of the house at night. She decided to commit suicide: she could not bear the shame. Only a loop was fitted, as a tall man appeared. He promised to save her.

There was this famous for his reverence Yin Zong, who lived with an old mother. Yin Zong wanted to bring Wang Xunyan home to his father. They began to move. When the city remained very slightly, the rain gushed. Escaping from the rain, the travelers poked themselves into the first door they found… and found themselves in the house of the Marked. In the same place was Miao Zhong – Ten Dragons.

The robbers

seized Yin Zong. He would have defeated everyone, but there were two of them. Soon all was over. Poor Wang Xunyan was put under lock and key.

Meanwhile, old Vanya, having learned about the robbery attack, that the son and servant were killed, and the daughter disappeared, appointed a reward to someone who will help punish the villains. The elder in the neighborhood just these days sent his son Hag to buy toys from clay for sale. It so happened that he came for shopping in that village and the house where the Marked lived. While choosing toys, heard the familiar voice of Wang Xunyan, who prayed for his help. With all his might a young man set out for the city, Vanya told him everything. He wrote a petition in the administration of the petition, and armed guards seized the entire band of robbers. They would not have been able to do this, if there was not a bloody man of enormous growth in the way of the villains – Yin Zong, killed by the bandits!

All the Likhodeev were executed, and in honor of Yin Tsung grateful Wan erected a cedar.

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“Clay arbor” Lin Mengchu in summary