Bylina “Dobrynya and Serpent” in brief summary

A great misfortune came. The monstrous multi-headed Serpent began to raid Russia, stealing innocent civilians and glorious warriors who could not resist him. Dobrynya Nikitich decided to fight the Serpent. He did not listen to his mother, who warned him not to go far in a clear field, to the Sorochinsky mountain, where small snakes creep. She had not yet told me to swim in the Puchai River.

The hero son does the opposite. He goes to a clean field, reaches Sorochinsky mountain, tramples serpents and rescues captive countrymen. After that, he does not hurry home. “His hero’s heart was in full swing.” Unhurriedly, Dobrynya drives up to the Puchai River, undresses and dives, saying that her mother was not right: she taught that the river is fierce, and she is “meek-meek, she’s like a puddle of rain!”. At the same time, the sky is clouded by a black cloud, there are beats that sound like thunder. It flies angry Snake Gorynych. He gloats with gloating

glory of the bogatyr who is undressed and unarmed and shouts to him that now Dobrynya is in his hands.

Dobrynya swims to the shore with one stroke. His clothing is stolen by the Serpent, and there is no horse. There was only one feather cap. But the hero and the cap is not simple – “by weight that cap, but three poods.” And the hero launches them into the Serpent with such force that the twelve trunks instantly kick off the villain. The monster falls on the grass. Dobrynya plunges him backward, jumps to his chest and takes out a knuckle-knife, which he always carried with him on the cross. The serpent begs for mercy, exhorts not to kill him, and offers conspiracy: he no longer flies to Holy Russia, does not take Orthodox people full, Dobrynya does not appear on the Sorochin mountain and does not trample on the serpents.

Dobrynya agrees and releases the Serpent. That instantly carried away under the clouds.

However, the monster did not keep his word. It was enough for him, flying over Kiev, to put an eye on the niece of Prince Vladimir Zabava, so that all the oaths of Gorynych were

forgotten. He descends to the ground, grabs a damsel and carries her to his vile hole.

In desperation, Prince Vladimir calls the call, calling on all the heroes to save Zabava Putyatichna. The Bagatyrs point to Dobrynya, noticing that he has an agreement with the Serpent. And Alyosha Popovich says that he will free Knyazev’s niece “without a fight-bloodshed.”

However, Dobrynya himself understands well that there is a tough fight ahead of him. He returns from the prince, bowing his brave head. On the alarming questions of the mother, whether he was offended, whether the goblet had been taken at the feast, whether a fool had mocked him, replied that this was not the case at all. He is worried about the great service that is to be performed for Prince Vladimir. The wise mother Efimia Alexandrovna advises his son to go to the upper room and get a good night’s sleep.

Dobrynia wakes up full of heroic strength. She washed herself briskly, equips herself on a campaign against the Serpent. In the stable he chooses Burka, an old, but loyal and still kind horse, who lovingly sips and feeds. Then he saddles his horse – long and very carefully: “Saddle Burka in the saddle Cherkasskoe, / He put the pots on the pots, / He put the felt on the pots, / He put on the felt Cherkassky saddle, / Took up twelve tight cinches, / He thirteen laid down for the sake of the fortress… “

Mother gave her son a silk lash, punishing when the snake-like lace around Burke’s legs so that the horse can not move from the place, tighter it from behind and in front of it with a whip.

So it happened. The serpents clung to Burke’s feet, encircled him and hobbled him. Dobrynya in time, strangled his horse with a silk whip. Burushka began to jump, shake the reptiles off his feet and trampled them all to one.

At that time the Serpent crept out of the burrow and turned to Dobrynya with a question why he again rolled onto the Sorochinsky mountain and, contrary to the conspiracy, trampled on his snake? Dobrynya answered him with righteous anger: “Damn it, yes, yes, through Kiev-hail!” After that the bogatyr proposed to his opponent to return Zabava Putyatichna without fighting and bloodshed. However, the monster rushed into battle.

They fight without a break for three days, and no one is winning the upper hand. Dobrynya feels that the forces are running out, and at this time he hears a voice coming from heaven: “Young Dobrynya son Nikitinich! / Fighting with the Serpent you three dots, / Fight with the Serpent for three more hours: / You’ll beat the Serpent and that damned!”

Dobrynya obeys. Gathering his last strength, he fights desperately for three more hours. Finally, the Serpent falls exhausted and exhales. A sea of ​​blood erupts from his wounds. Dobrynya wants to leave the battlefield, but again hears the heavenly command: do not go away just like that, but take a spear and that there is urine to beat them with cheese in the ground, saying: “Break up, mother, cheese, earth, devour this blood and all the snake “.

Dobrynya, forgetting about fatigue, does everything. The earth parted and absorbed poisonous blood. Dobrynya goes to the serpent’s lair, where he finds forty captive kings, princes, kings and princes, not counting the multitude of common people. He releases everyone from the dungeon to freedom. Then he deduces Putyatichna with a bow and takes her to Kiev, noticing that it was for her sake that she undertook the whole dangerous trip: “For you, I now traveled, / You will go to Kiev, / A to a gentle prince to Vladimir” .

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Bylina “Dobrynya and Serpent” in brief summary