Summary “Ivan Bestalny and Elena the Wise”

In one village lived an old woman with her son. His son’s name was Ivan, and he was so mediocre that he could not do anything, for whatever he took. His old mother lamented about this and dreamed of marrying him on an economic wife.

Once, when the mother and her son ate everything that was in their house, the old woman again began to lament over her unlucky son, and Ivan, meanwhile, was sitting on a mound. An old man passed by and asked to eat. Ivan honestly replied that all the food in their house was over, but he washed the old man in the bath and laid him to sleep on the stove. And in the morning Grandfather promised Ivan that he would not forget his good and would certainly repay.

The next day Ivan promised his mother that he would get bread and went to the old man. The old man brought him to his hut in a forest village, fed a roast lamb with bread, and sent two breadcries and another ram to Ivan’s mother. After talking and knowing that Ivan was not married,

his grandfather called his daughter and married her to Ivan.

The daughter of the old man was very clever and called her Elena the Wise. They lived with Ivan well, Ivan’s mother became full and satisfied. Grandfather sometimes went on the road, where he collected wisdom and wrote it down in his book of wisdom. Once he brought a magic mirror, in which the whole world could be seen.

Soon the grandfather gathered in the next campaign for wisdom, called Ivan and gave him the key to the barn, but he did not allow Elena to try on a dress that hung in the far corner. When the grandfather left, Ivan went to the barn and found chests there with gold and other good, and in the far closet a magical beautiful gown of gems could not resist calling Elena.

Elena liked the dress very much and she persuaded Ivan to give it to him to try on. Putting on her dress and expressing her wish, she turned into a dove and flew away from Ivan. Ivan set out on the road-journey and went in search of Helena the Wise. On the way he saved a pike and a sparrow from death, which promised to repay him.

Ivan walked a long

time and reached the sea. There he met a local resident and learned that Elena the Wise lives in this realm and came to her palace. Around the palace was a palisade, on which the heads of the bridegrooms of Elena were planted, who could not prove her wisdom to her. Ivan met with Elena and she gave him the task to hide so that she could not find him.

At night, Ivan helped the servant Daria to darn the magic dress of Helena the Wise, for which she was very grateful to him. And in the morning Ivan began to hide. At first he hid in a haystack, but Daria from the porch screamed to him that even she could see him, as the dogs gave him away. Then Ivan called to the pike, which hid it on the bottom.

However, Elena used her magic items – a mirror and a book of wisdom and found it. The first time she forgave him and allowed him to hide again. Then Ivan asked the sparrow for help. The sparrow turned Ivan into a grain and hid it in his beak. But Elena the Wise has again found it with the help of the book of wisdom, having broken thus the mirror which could not find Ivan.

And the second time Elena did not execute Ivan, but allowed him to hide. This time he was helped by Daria, whom he saved from death, sewing a dress. Daria turned Ivan in the air and breathed in, and then breathed out into the book of wisdom and Ivan became a letter. Elena the Wise looked at the book for a long time, but could not understand anything. Then she threw the book on the floor, the letters flew and one of them turned into Ivan.

Then Elena the Wise understood that her husband Ivan was not so untalented, once he could outwit a magic mirror and a book of wisdom. And he again began to live, live and make good. And the next morning their parents came to visit them and were happy for them. And Ivan the untalented and Elena the Wise lived for a long time and happily, and their parents too.

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Summary “Ivan Bestalny and Elena the Wise”