“Prince of Peace” Klychkov in brief summary

“A long time ago it will be back” lived in Chertukhin, a man named Mikhail Ivanovich Bachura, nicknamed the Holy One. In his old age, his wife died, and he began to feed alms. I met a girl-beggar on the way, brought him home and married her. Marya turned out to be a “sensible woman” and brought the household in order. Yes, only Michael was already old, that’s why they had no children. Michael went to the sorcerer, and he says: if you go round the earth, it will help you. The old man set out on his way and met the soldier on the way. The soldier frightened Mihail and forced him to change his appearance: he took off his beard, his wand, the tselokovy with a checked hole and gave his mustache. A soldier came to the house to Michael and began to live with his wife. Lived a pseudo-Mikhail and Marya richly and amicably. Neighbors said that Mikhail had traits in farm laborers, because he lives so well. However, Mary, who soon became very long, died childbirth.

And the imaginary Mikhail struck in the woods on the aspen. The body strangely disappeared from the loop.

In the house, the neighbors saw the lifeless Marya and the newborn boy. We decided to feed him by the whole world in turn, then let him be a shepherd. On the neck of the child found a chain, and on it – a tselkovy with a hole. Maryou did not have time to bury – the house with her body was burnt, and on the threshold of the burning house people saw the devil…

When the orphan Mishutka grew a bit older, he was given to the shepherd Nil, in the shoes of a drunkard and a fighter. One day, Neil brutally beat the boy and on the next day was found dead. Mishutka, in a half-asleep, saw that a man with a beard and a wand had killed Nil.

Mishutka became a shepherd. Everything would be fine, but the cows began to lose half a day’s milk. The Chertuhins decided to drown the shepherdess. But one day he saw Mishutka sleeping on the shore of a huge catfish. The sexton Porfiry Prokopych helped him to cope with the fish. When the catfish was ripped off the belly, milk flowed from there: the

fish sucked milk from cows wandered into the water.

To the surprise of the Chertukhinites, he returned to the village of Mikhail. He took with him Mishutka, they began to walk together around the world, to collect alms.

At that time, the lady Raisa Vasilievna Rysakova, or Pisach, lived nearby. She owned the village Skudilishche and brutally defiled the peasants. Nearly did not ruin to death the most peaceful – Ivan Nedotyapu. Ivan escaped, and after a while he came to the headman Nikita Mironych and brought a loan to the lady – with alms, which he collected. It seemed to the elder that Ivan had a radiance above his head. Nikita Mironych brought money to the lady, who took it and said that the peasant can not be a saint, but perhaps a devil. She decided that people should be allowed to leave the corvee for a quitrent – they should collect alms, and from that time they pay the dues.

The Fisherman’s husband, Major-General, died a long time ago, and there was no rebound from matchmakers: she was a handsome pussy. Often Prince Kopyto-Nalivaiko would go to see her, and the prince would not give Alyonushka, the lady’s maid, to the passage. And to that poor, it seemed that this major-general comes from the other world, her “tylish”. Alyonka became pregnant, and the mistress ordered that she be extradited to her as the freak Khomka, who was instead the executioner. Then Alyonushka under the window at the lady hanged herself, Khomka had killed the housekeeper Savishna, the lady’s earphone, to death, and Burkan, the blacksmith who loved Alenushka, killed Khomka.

The trotter gave consent to Prince Kopyto-Nalivaiko. He explained to her that the flogging of the peasants should not be one by one, but all at once. But Skudilishche did not manage to live under his rule: “the peasants released on a loan” became robbers, and Burkan was their ataman. They killed the prince. The monetary affairs of the Trotters were in frustration. The day came – they described her property, many were let in with a hammer, the matchmakers then did not become. The trotter has come together with the impoverished barin Bodyaga, cheerful and crooked. But he disappeared in about three years. Then, they said, she lived with a sexton. The lady became a less frequent flogger of the peasants, she was clinging to all the godparents, and her godchildren turned out to be blind: the fact is that she touched their eyes with a magic ring.

And Ivan Nedotyapa again came to Nikita Mironych and brought a quitrent. They told him the whole truth about the lady, then he left the elder with his wife, And he revealed the secret: he owns an unchangeable ruble, from everywhere returning to its owner. Ivan decided to get rid of this ruble, asked him to bake it in a pie and handed Mi-hayle, who passed by. The elder has redeemed himself for the Nedotyapin money for freedom. But… the same day the tsar granted all peasants freedom. And the last son of the elder Rysachikha managed to blind him.

What was the former rychachikhin peasants doing? Nikita Mironych started an inn and organized a “pauper case”, which the yesterday’s peasants also fed. He supplied them with clothes suitable for begging and received part of the proceeds. Mikhail and Mishutka also stopped in the courtyard. There was also Sekettyna, a midwife from Chertukhin. She knew about the unchangeable ruble – the one that was found around Mishutka’s neck. The horned “prince of this world” is depicted on this coin. I wanted to sekretinyya zolkovy. At night, the robber crept up to Mikhail and killed him, but did not have time to deal with Mishutka: Sekletinya beat the villain with a log. And the dead Michael had suddenly grown huge mustache. Seketteina went further with Mishutka. She tried to take the ruble away from the boy, but Mishutka ran away from her. When Sekletnya returned to Chertukhino, she met a troika, and on it Mishutka and a terrible “Turkish anaral” with a mustache, like the dead Michael. “Anaral” ordered Sekletin to keep quiet. However, she kept chatting in the Chertukhin on a get-together. Soon the talkative woman had a swollen tongue and she died. And Mishutka later married Rysachikhin’s daughter and became a master, but that’s another story.

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“Prince of Peace” Klychkov in brief summary