Summary “Eastern legend”

Summary “Eastern legend”

Who in Baghdad does not know the great Giaffar, the sun of the universe?

Once, many years ago, he was still a young man, Giaffar was walking around Baghdad.

Suddenly a hoarse scream reached his ears: someone was desperately crying for help.

Giaffar differed between his peers with prudence and thoughtfulness; but his heart was pitiful – and he hoped for his strength.

He ran to the scream and saw a decrepit old man, squeezed to the city wall by two robbers who robbed him.

Jiaffar snatched his sword and attacked the villains: one killed, another drove away.

The freed old man fell at the feet of his deliverer and, kissing the edge of his clothes, exclaimed:

“A brave youth, your generosity will not remain without a reward.” I

look like a poor beggar; but only in appearance. I’m not a simple person. Come to the main market tomorrow morning; I will wait for you at the fountain – and you will see the truth of my words.

Jiaffar thought: “The man is a beggar, as if, but everything happens.” Why not try? ” – and answered:

“Very well, my father; I will come.

The old man looked into his eyes and left.

The next morning, light dawned, Giaffar went to the bazaar. The old man was already waiting for him, leaning his elbows on the marble bowl of the fountain.

Silently he took Jiaffar’s hand and led him into a small garden, surrounded on all sides by high walls.

Along the middle of this garden, on a green lawn, grew a tree of an extraordinary kind.

It was like cypress; Only the foliage on it was of azure color.

Three fruits – three apples – hung on thin, curled branches; one medium-sized, oblong, milky-white; another large, round, bright red; the third small, wrinkled, yellowish.

The whole tree was faintly noisy, although there was no wind. It rang thin and plaintive, like glass; it seemed, it felt the approach of Giaffar.

– Young man! said the elder. – Ditch any of these fruits and know: you will tear and eat white – you will

be smarter than all people; you will tear and eat red – you will be rich, like the Jew Rothschild; you will tear and eat yellow – you will like old women. Decide. and do not hesitate. In an hour and the fruits wither, and the tree itself will go into the mute depths of the earth!

Giaffar lowered his head and thought.

– How here to act? he said in a low voice, as though arguing with himself. – You will become too smart – perhaps you will not want to live; you will become richer than all people; they will envy you all; better I’ll tear and eat the third, wrinkled apple!

He did so; and the old man laughed a toothless laugh and said:

“O wisest young man!” You chose the good part! What do you need a white apple for? You’re already smarter than Solomon. You do not need a red apple either. And without it you will be rich. Only your wealth no one will envy.

“Tell me, old man,” said Jiaffar, startled, “where does the venerable mother of our God-saved Caliph live?”

The old man bowed to the ground – and pointed the young man to the road.

Who in Baghdad does not know the sun of the universe, the great, famous Giaffar?

Summary “Eastern legend”