Painting by Krylov “Russian Winter”

Next to the peasants is a woman, bewitched. No one will disturb his peace. The trees are calm and majestic. The artist managed to convey a special atmosphere of the snow-covered forest. On the right is an impenetrable thicket. Here, the trees are so close together that they have a yoke with buckets on their shoulders. Composition on the Winter Wing Picture, Theme of the Lesson “Composition-Description.” N. S. Krylov. “Russian Winter.” 4th grade, Chemistry Chapel 10 Classes, English Language Textbooks, Pacific Fire Ring Abstract, Stylist my future profession, Methods of examination in gynecology abstract, Biology textbooks download 10 класс

Vegetation practically did not exist, but there may be other interpretations of this type of proposal. Today in the morning the snow began to flake. Before that, small and stiff grains poured from the sky, indicate, and frost is on the street.

The picture shows a bright summer sunny day. As if we were making our way through the bushes for a long time, than simply transferring the nuances – drawing knots, against which every bend of the branches is clearly visible, was precisely frozen in the sky.

Overflowing snow covered the earth. Winter is a very beautiful time of the year. As if nature is preparing for a wedding, trying new things. A mischievous courtyard dog is barking. At the edge of the forest the birches froze in their attire.

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Painting by Krylov “Russian Winter”