The summary of the play “Forest”

The motif of the game, mask, comedy, pervades the entire text of Ostrovsky’s play “Forest.” Many characters in this work play their part in the life scene. Heroes of AN Ostrovsky in the “Forest” can be divided into three categories: some play a completely different role (Gurmyzhskaya, Bulanov), others do not play any roles (Aksyusha, Petr Vosmibratov, Milonov, Bodaev), and Neschastlivtsev’s mask is very similar to what it really is. Gurmyzhskaya and Bulanov hide the true face under the mask, which is not peculiar to them, to achieve a mercenary goal. It is these characters Neschastlivtsev, and therefore, the author is called the comedians. Raisa Pavlovna Gurmyzhskaya and very rich landowner. She plays her play in the play.

Her role is a moral woman who “smells good,” and helps poor people and relatives. In fact, she is a very self-serving and immoral person. She subordinates everything to her own whims.

Only once, when Neschastlivtsev

helped her to return a thousand rubles, Gurmyzhskaya began playing the role of benefactress and reminded Peschastlivtsev that he owed exactly that amount, but immediately repented. Under the scenario of Gurmyzhskaya, in order to conceal her immorality, Aksyusha and the schoolboy Bulanov, who had not graduated, had to play the roles of bride and groom. Raisa Pavlovna wants them to “dance” to her “pipe”, so that Aksyusha and Bulanov “play a comedy.”

However, Aksyusha, like Neschastlivtsev afterwards, “will not allow himself to be played.” Bulanov, however, every time with pleasure, “play along” Gurmyzhskaya: whether it is the role of Aksyusha’s fiancé, the “false position” of the parasite or future husband of Raisa Pavlovna. The rich landowner, having left the role in the “stupid comedy with relatives” and destroying the nonexistent engagement of Aksyusha and Bulanov, immediately enthusiastically accepts the new role of the “heroine” and the martyr, when in fact she simply “blames”, indulges

her whim, marrying for Bulanov, who, at least, is twice as young as her. Unlike Gurmyzhskaya and Bulanov, Aksyusha, Neschastlivtseva’s sister, and Peter, the son of merchant Vosmibratov, have strong feelings and a pure soul and do not play any roles.

Two more heroes of the work do not wear any masks – these are Bodayev and Milonov, who are associated with Gogol’s characters – with Sobakevich and Manilov, respectively. However, the neighbors of Gurmyzhskaya’s landowner do not play roles not because they are sincere, but because their characters are dominated by only one main feature: Bodayev’s – the desire to expose everyone without exception, Milonov – pleasing the powerful of this world, that is, they are already conceived by the author as heroes of a mask.

The scenario of the play in the play, where the main characters are poor actors, the comedian Schastlivtsev and the tragedian Neschastlivcev, are very special. After the present roles, roles on the stage, they play before the surrounding lackey and master. Schastlivtsev, who “played all the devils” before, is now somewhat ashamed of his role as a footman, who, however, plays “well”. For a long time he can not stand it and soon tells the housekeeper Ulit, and she is Gurmyzhskaya, who he and Neschastlivtsev are.

Neschastlivtsev, whose tragic roles went out of fashion, now lives a gentleman, a nobleman, that is, who he is by birth. He is not a money-grubber, a kopek for him is not ideal, so he twice does a good deed: Gurmyzhskaya returns a thousand rubles, which she did not give away to Vosmibratov, and makes a dowry to her sister Aksyusha. Neschastlivtsev’s thoughts are pure, therefore he rightfully pronounces Schiller’s words as his own, and how he played the role of nobleman and noble man, so he stayed after their farce with Schastlivtsev was opened.

In connection with the theme of the game it is necessary to say about frostbite, fooling and even scamming. So, the merchant Vosmibratov makes a deal with Gurmyzhsky to buy wood, and then does not give her some of the money.

His son Petr on the boat froze his father’s friend, wearing a “strange pig” and tied his cheek. Peter is afraid that this friend will tell Vosmibratov that the merchant’s son went to amuse himself when his father sent him on an urgent matter.

Still interesting to note that Neschastlivtsev, playing cards, can deceive the partner, replacing the nine on the jack.

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The summary of the play “Forest”