Biography of the DJ

DJ Dlee – DJ, composer, producer.

The real name is DJ Dlee – Alexei Tagantsev, he was born in Moscow on March 2. The hobby of hip-hop in the biography of DJ Dlee was evident at school. Alexey studied at the English school number 21, so, after being carried away by music from other countries, he began translating the lyrics into Russian.

Then he entered the Institute of Communications and Informatics of Moscow. To play the role of DJ Alexey became in 1996. Studied little by little, taking the example from the best DJs. Since then, I’ve gained great popularity by becoming the best in clubs.

The wide popularity in the biography of DJ Dlee was probably due to his approach to music. Alexei during the game in the club is focused on listeners, so special attention is paid to the selection of tracks. He plays in the style of R’n’B, hip-hop. The first team experience in the biography of DJ Dlee was obtained during the performances with the “Brothers Cash”.

Alexey constantly improves his level, works on style, considers one of the best representatives – DJs MixmasterMike, Dived People. It was not possible to record his album to Alexei, but he became one of the producers of the album “Black Star” by Timati.

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Biography of the DJ