“Poverty is not a defect” Ostrovsky in brief

The action takes place in a county town, in the house of merchant Tortsov, during Svyatok.

Action first

Day. A small steward’s room. In the depths of the door, to the left there is a window, near the window there is a table and a chair, in the corner there is a bed with a guitar. To the right there is a wardrobe, a desk littered with papers and books, a wooden stool.

Mitya walks about the room; Yegorushka sits on a stool and reads “Bova of the Prince”, then stops and tells Mitya that all the homemakers left to ride. Only Gordei Karpich remains, he is terribly angry with his brother, Lyubim Karpych. On the eve of the festive dinner, Lubim Karpych was drunk, began to throw out different knees and made all the guests laugh. Gordei Karpich considered this for insult, he became angry and drove his brother away. In revenge, Lubim Karpich contorted: he stood up with the beggars at the cathedral. Gordei Karpitch, more than once, broke up and is angry

now at all indiscriminately.

Outside the windows a noise is heard – Pelageya Yegorovna, Lyubov Gordeyevna and guests arrived. Yegorushka grabs a book and runs away. Mitya remains alone, he complains about life, sits down to the desk and tries to work. But the work does not go, all thoughts of Mitya are occupied by the beloved.

Pelageya Egorovna enters the room, stops at the door and kindly invites Mitya to come to them in the evening on a visit. She notes that Gordei Karpich will not be at home, he will leave for his new friend, the manufacturer, Afanasy Savich Korshunov. Pelageya Yegorovna complains about Korshunov, a man of violent, often drinking in the company of his English director. Earlier, Tortsov was sensible, but as last year he went to Moscow, everything Russian was not nice to him. Now he wants to live in a foreign country, he was proud: “I do not have anyone to drive a company with, nobody’s a bastard, guys, and live like a peasant” – and got acquainted with the “Moscow” rich Korshunov, who simply soldered a new friend. To the reproaches of his wife, imperious

Torcov does not react; and his daughter, Lyubov Gordeyevna, wants to marry exclusively in Moscow:

At the end of the monologue of Pelageya Yegorovna enters Yasha Guslin, nephew of Tortsov. He is also invited to visit at night, and Yasha gladly agrees. When Pelageya Yegorovna leaves, Mitya shares her cares with Yasha: Mitya, the only son of an old and poor mother, must keep her on her small salary; from Harden Karpich he sees only resentment, abuse and reproaches with poverty; Mitya could go to Razlyuyaev, but Tortsov has a heart sweetheart – Lyubov Gordeevna. Yasha advises Mitya to throw this love out of her head, because Gordei Karpitch will never bless their unequal marriage: “That’s Anna Ivanovna to me and even: she’s empty, I have nothing – and even my uncle does not order me to marry. “.

In the room enters Razlyulyaev with a harmonica, he is cheerful and carefree, plays and sings, declares that the whole holiday will go on, and then marry, but on the rich. He sits down next to Guslin, listens to the song he wrote. Mitya suggests singing, and everyone sings. In the middle of the song is Gordei Karpich Tortsov; all at once they are silent and get up. Butts with malicious reproaches throws himself at Mitya: “It seems that you live not in such a house, not among peasants.” What a half-penny! What papers scattered! … “. He notices the book of poems Koltsov read by Mitya, and a new portion of reproaches follows: “What tenderness in our poverty! Do you know what kind of education? … You would have made a new coat of a newcomer! After all, we go upstairs… Sram! “. In response, Mitya makes excuses, says that she sends all the money to her elderly mother. Gordei Karpich notes: ” Mother does not know what God needs, is not brought up in luxury, the tea itself has closed the sheds. Does this formation consist in that it’s foolish songs to sing? Do not you dare show yourself in this frock coat upstairs! “Then Razlyuyaeva goes to:” And you too! Father, tea, money rakes with a shovel, but he drives you in this kind of zipunishka. Why, there’s nothing to collect from you! You yourself are stupid, and even your father is not painfully clever… a whole century with a greasy belly walks; fools of unenlightened people, fools and die. “And after this angry tirade Gordei Karpich leaves. and you in this kind of zipunishke driving. Why, there’s nothing to collect from you! You yourself are stupid, and even your father is not painfully clever… a whole century with a greasy belly walks; fools of unenlightened people, fools and die. “And after this angry tirade Gordei Karpich leaves. and you in this kind of zipunishke driving. Why, there’s nothing to collect from you! You yourself are stupid, and even your father is not painfully clever… a whole century with a greasy belly walks; fools of unenlightened people, fools and die. “And after this angry tirade Gordei Karpich leaves.

After Gordei Kapych leaves for Korshunov, Lyubov Gordeevna, Anna Ivanovna, Masha and Lisa come into Mitya’s room. They are bored sitting upstairs, and they began to look for an interesting company. Anna Ivanovna behaves quite freely; Mitya, Lyubov Gordeevna and her friends on the other hand are stiff and awkward. Anna Ivanovna openly asks Guslin when he marries her. Guslin responds that he will marry as soon as he gets permission from Gordei Karpich; then gestures to Anna Ivanovna and whispers in her ear, showing Lyubov Gordeevna and Mitya. At this time, Razlyulyaev cheers the girls: “I hurt to dance a lot. Girls, love me somebody… for my simplicity.” Girls respond that these words do not talk to girls, and Lyubov Gordeevna adds, looking at Mitya: “Maybe someone and love someone, but did not say:

Mitya and Lyubov Gordeyevna are left alone, and Mitya timidly says that she composed poems for her. Lyubov Gordeyevna, trying to hide her joy, asks Mitya to read them. Mitya sits down near the table, Lyubov Gordeyevna moves very close to him. Mitya reads: “… In vain his heart guy ruining What nerovnyushku guy likes the girl…” Lyubov Gordeevna sits for a while thinking, then writes back and gives it to Mitya on the condition that Mitya read it later, when Lyubov Gordeevna leave. She is about to leave and in the doorway she encounters her uncle, Lubim Karpich. He rejoices, seeing the niece’s fright, then assures himself that he will not say anything to his brother. Lyubov Gordeyevna is running away.

We love Karpich passes into the room and asks Mitya to shelter him for a while: after that dinner he is not allowed to go to the threshold. We love Karpych tells Mitya the story of his life: when his father died, Lubim Karpich was twenty years old. The brothers divided the inheritance: Gordei took himself an institution, and gave his brother money and bills. Lubim Gordeyich went to Moscow to get money on tickets and plunged headlong into Moscow’s beautiful life: dressed as a dandy, had dinner at taverns, went to theaters; his friends got a lot. And after a while almost the whole inheritance was spent. What was left, Lubim Gordeyich entrusted his friend, Afrikan Korshunov, who deceived him. Lyubim Gordeyich remained with nothing. He figured out how to live on and, since the way to the father’s house was ordered, stayed in Moscow, became a buffoon to walk: how will a merchant come, Ljubim jumps out, makes fun, tells jokes, and there who will give something. That winter, Lubim Gordeyich had a bad cold, took him to the hospital; it was there that the enlightenment of the mind was found on Lyubim. He decided how to recover, go to God to pray and go back to his brother. Only his brother took him unkindly, began to be ashamed, to blame: “I see how I live: who can notice that we have a little man with us?” “It’s enough of me, too, this shame, or else you should impose on your neck.” And after the notorious lunch, Lyubim Gordeyich took offense, he decided to teach his puffed brother a lesson. To become ashamed, began to blame: “I see how I live: who can notice that we have a little man?” “It’s enough of me, even this shame, or else you should impose on your neck.” And after the notorious lunch, Lyubim Gordeyich took offense, he decided to teach his puffed brother a lesson. To become ashamed, began to blame: “I see how I live: who can notice that we have a little man?” “It’s enough of me, even this shame, or else you should impose on your neck.” And after the notorious lunch, Lyubim Gordeyich took offense, he decided to teach his puffed brother a lesson.

Loving Gordeyich settles on Mitya’s bed to get some sleep; asks him for money. Mitya does not deny Lyubim Gordeyich anything, and he thanks Mitya and threatens his brother: “My brother does not know how to appreciate you.” Well, I’ll do a thing with him. ” Mitya is going to go upstairs, he approaches the door, remembers the letter. With trembling hands he pulls it out and reads: “And I love you.” Lyubov Tortsova. ” Mitya grabs his head and runs away.

The second action

Evening. Living room in the house of Tortsov. At the back wall there is a sofa, in front of the sofa there is a round table and six armchairs. In the living room there are several doors. On the walls of the mirror, under them small tables. The living room is dark; only from the door to the left light. This door includes Lyubov Gordeevna and Anna Ivanovna. Lyubov Gordeevna tells how much she loves Mitya. Anna Ivanovna warns her against reckless actions, then leaves.

Mitya enters. He asks Lyubov Gordeevna whether her confession is a joke. Lyubov Gordeyevna answers that everything written in the note is true, and demands reciprocal assurances of love. She at first pretends that she does not believe Mitya, but then admits that she only wanted to joke. But Mitya is not up to jokes, he is too concerned about the fate of their love. Mitya and Lyubov Gordeevna decide the next day to throw themselves at Gordei Karpich’s feet and declare their love, and come what may. They embrace. When someone’s footsteps are heard, Mitya quietly leaves.

The nurse Arina enters the drawing room with a candle and sends Lyubov Gordeevna to her mother. Yegorushka runs into the room, and Arina asks him to invite neighbor girls-maids to sing holy songs. Yegorushka is pleased with the upcoming fun and the fact that, perhaps, they will be mummers, and runs away.

Pelageya Yegorovna enters the living room, she gives instructions to Arina, then invites everyone else to go: Lyubov Gordeevna, Masha, Lisa, Anna Ivanovna, Razlyulyaeva, Mitya, Guslin and two of her elderly friends. The old women and Pelageya Egorovna sit down on the sofa; Anna Ivanovna and Guslin sit on chairs and talk quietly, Mitya stands beside them; Masha, Lyubov Gordeevna and Liza walk around the room, embracing each other; Razlyulyaev follows them. Girls cheerfully dive with Razlyulyaev, old women chatting, looking at them, and then they offer Guslin to sing a song. While Guslin sings, Arina comes in with drinks and treats, treats ladies with sweets, and the old women serve Madera. Anna Ivanovna quietly talks with Pelageya Yegorovna, Razlyulyaev picks up Arina and starts dancing, Arina fights back.

The neighbor girls enter, they are hospitably welcomed, seated. Arina brings a dish covered with a towel – the girls will sing a camel song, guess. The young ladies take off the rings and put them on the dish; the girls are singing. Razlyulyaev in words “To you will be guests, To me the suitors… Who will come out – That will come true” takes out the ring and gives Lyubov Gordeevna.

Here come mummers and Egorushka. The camel songs are left, the wannabes are treated with wine, and they start cheering the guests: singing, dancing, playing skits; Yegorushka dances with them. While the guests are looking at the mummers, Mitya quietly whispers Lubov Gordeevna and kisses. Razlyulyaev notices this, approaches and declares that Pelagee Yegorovna will tell everything, that he himself wants to marry Lyubov Gordeevna, because his family has a lot of money, and Mitya does not have much to hope for in this case. Guslin stands for Mitya. Their argument is interrupted by a knock at the door – the master has come.

The living room includes Gordei Karpich and Korshunov. Gordei Karpitch rudely drove mummers and girls, curses before Korshunov, apologizes for the “non-education” of his wife, who arranged the evening “not in all shape.” But Korshunov, the old sweetheart, on the contrary, likes the company of young girls. He sits down in a chair, hehek, graciously takes notice of his person. Butts is struggling to produce “efect”: he orders to serve champagne, light candles in the living room to illuminate the new “nebel”. Pelageya Yegorovna goes out to fulfill her husband’s order, after her leave Arina and the old woman-guest.

Korshunov goes to the young ladies, to Lyubov Gordeevna, cheerfully cheeks, hints at “holy days” and offers to kiss. The young ladies are not enthusiastic, they refuse. Gordei Karpich orders to obey, and Lyubov Gordeyevna yields. While Korshunov is kissed by young ladies, Gordei Karpitch notices Mitya and drives him away, after Mitya Guslin and Razlyuyaev leave.

Korshunov sits down to Lubov Gordeevna, voluptuously hehek and presents an expensive gift – diamond earrings. Lyubov Gordeyevna responds coldly to Korshunov, the same one does not grab enough and kisses her hand, starts a conversation about love and about her wealth. Loving Gordeevna disgusted this old man, she gets up to leave, but her father orders her to stay. She returns to her seat, and Korshunov grabs her by the hand again, strokes it and puts a diamond ring on her finger. Lyubov Gordeevna takes out her hand, takes off her ring and gives it to Korshunov.

The living room includes Pelageya Egorovna, Arina and Egorushka with wine and glasses. Korshunov plays an important guest: “Well, Gordei Karpitch, please, and you, maidens, magnify me.” I honor my honor. ” Gordei Karpych gives Korshunov wine, orders his wife to bow, and the girls sing the majestic. Having drunk, Korshunov sits down next to Lyubov Gordeevna, beckons one of the girls, rubs her cheek, hehek and pours a trifle into her apron. Then he orders Gordei Karpitch to get down to business. The thing is that Gordei Karpich intends to move from this city, where “as there is one ignorance and uneducation,” to Moscow. Moreover, there will be a man there – a son-in-law of African Savich. They had already conspired and struck their hands.

Pelagia Egorovna terrified, screaming, “My daughter will not give!”; Korshunov harshly notes to Tortsov: “I promised, so keep your word.” Lyubov Gordeevna rushes to her father and begs him to change his mind: “I am of your will not step Molding What you want to make me, but do not force you to marry me against the heart to follow the doghouse.!” Gordey Karpych relentless: “You fool, I do not know his happiness in Moscow will lordly live in carriages will drive… I hereby order.”. And Lyubov Gordeevna humbly replies: “Your will is my father”, bows and goes to the mother. Pleased Gordey Karpych tells the girls intone svadbishnuyu and invited the honored guest to move to another room. Lyubov Gordeevna cries in the arms of her mother, her friends surround her.

Action third

Morning. A small room, closely packed with a very rich furniture in the house of Tortsov. This is something like a cabinet of the hostess, where she manages the whole house and where she receives her guests. One door leads to the hall where guests are having dinner, the other to the inner rooms. Arina is sitting in the room, with several servants. Pelageya Egorovna enters and lets them go. Pelageya Yegorovna is all in pre-wedding hassles, but her heart is heavy.

Anna Ivanovna comes in, and Mitya follows her. Hardly restraining his tears, he says that he came to say goodbye to the good mistress: tonight he leaves for his mother and will not return any more. Mitya bows at Pelagee Egorovna’s feet, kisses her and Anna Ivanovna. Then he remarks that it would be necessary to say goodbye to Lyubov Gordeevna. Pelageya Yegorovna sends for her daughter, Anna Ivanovna shakes her head sadly and leaves.

Pelageya Yegorovna complains to Mitya on the mountain: she gives her daughter against the will for a bad person. Mitya almost crying reproaches her for not opposing her husband’s self-will. Pelageya Yegorovna laments, asks Mitya to regret and not reproach her. Mitya in a fit of feelings decides to open up and tells that yesterday he and Lyubov Gordeevna conspired to ask for blessings; and this morning such news… Pelageya Yegorovna is struck, she sincerely sympathizes with Mitya.

Lyubov Gordeyevna enters, she says goodbye to Mitya, she cries. Mitya, from despair, suggests that Pelageya Yegorovna bless them, and then secretly take Lyubov Gordeevna to her old mother and marry. Pelageya Yegorovna is terrified. And Lyubov Gordeyevna is against such a plan. She tells Mitya that she loves him, but she will not leave her parents’ will, “it’s so old it’s been started.” And let her suffer for a shameful husband, but know that she lives by the law, and nobody dares to laugh in the eyes. Mitya humbly accepts Lyubov Gordeevna’s decision, says goodbye and leaves.

From the dining room Korshunov enters the room, he asks Pelageya Yegorovna to go out, in order to confess in secret to the bride “about his affairs.” Korshunov sits down to the weeping Lubov Gordeevna and tells her all the “benefits” of marriage with the old man, kisses her hands continuously and hehek. Lyubov Gordeyevna asks whether his deceased wife loved Korshunov. Korshunov very harshly replied that he did not. In fact, Korshunov bought himself a wife: “They, you see, needed money, nothing to live: I gave, I did not refuse, but I need to be loved.” Well, am I free to demand it or not? then I paid money. “It’s a sin for me to complain: whom I love – it’s good to live in this world, and I will not love anyone, so do not blame me!”

Gordei Karpich enters the room. He obsequiously speaks with Korshunov, boasts of his “culturality”: “In another place at the table, a well-servant in a poddevke or a girl serves, and I have a fizyankt in thread-gloves… Oh, if I lived in Moscow or in St. Petersburg, I would, I think, imitated every fashion. ” Yegorushka runs in and laughs, says that Lyubim Karpych has come and started to disperse the guests. Gordei Karpitch is angry and leaves with Egorushka.

Enter Razlyulyaev, Masha and Lisa, followed immediately by Lyubim Karpych. He turns to Korshunov; like a joke, but at the same time blames that Korshunov ruined him: “You have so exalted me, to such a rank that I did not steal anything, but people are ashamed to look into people’s eyes!” We love Karpitch demanding to give up an old debt and for a niece of one million three hundred thousand.

Gordei Karpich enters, he drives his brother out of the house. But the resolutely inclined Lyubim Karpych does not go away, he accuses Korshunov of dishonor and crimes: “I’m not Korshunov: I did not plunder the poor, I did not seize the stranger, my wife did not torture zeal… I’m driven, and he’s the first guest, They put him in. Well, nothing, they will give him another wife… “Gordei Karpich orders his brother to be taken away, but Lyubim himself leaves. The wounded Korshunov says: “You made such a fashionable fashion: you get drunk guests offended! He, he, he, I’m going to Moscow, they do not understand me here.” In Moscow, such fools got high, they laugh at them.. No, you go on, I will not let myself be offended for nothing. “” No, now come to me and bow to me, so that I may take your daughter. ” The insulted Gordei Karpich exclaims: “… I do not want to know you myself!” I did not bow to anyone, I, for that matter, for whom I like, for that I will give! With money that I will give for her, every person will…. .. here for Mitka and give it back! Tomorrow is the same. Yes, we will ask such a wedding that you did not see: I will write musicians from Moscow, I’ll go alone in four carriages. “Everyone is surprised, the furious Korshunov leaves.

Mitya takes Lyubov Gordeevna by the hand, they come up to Gordei Karpich and admit that they have long been in love with each other, and if Gordei Karpich decided to marry them, then let him bless “in a parent-like way, with love,” and not spite. Gordei Karpich begins to boil, again reproaches Mitya for being poor and not equal to the family of Tortsovs. Pelageya Yegorovna and Lyubov Gordeevna begin to persuade Gordei Karpich to change his anger to mercy. Lubim Karpych enters and also asks for the young, hinting that if it were not for him, Korshunov would have ruined Gordei Karpich as himself: “Look at me, here’s an example for you… And I was rich and nice, I went in carriages. .. and then the top end and down… Brother, give Ljubushku for Mitya – he will give me a corner… Though for an old age, yes, honestly live… Then I will thank God… That he is poor Eh, if I were poor, I would be a person.

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“Poverty is not a defect” Ostrovsky in brief