Summary “Daphnis and Chloe” Longa

The action takes place on the well-known Greek island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea, and not even on the whole island, but in the village alone on its outskirts.

There lived two shepherds, one co-op, another sheep-breeder, one slave, another free. Once, he saw: a goat feeds his abandoned child – a boy, and with it a purple diaper, a gold clasp and a knife with an ivory handle. He adopted him and named Daphnis. A little time passed, and the sheep-dog also saw: the sheep feed the abandoned child-a girl, and with her a bandage sewn with gold, gilded shoes and gold bracelets. He adopted her and called Chloe. They grew up, he’s handsome, she’s beautiful, he’s fifteen, she’s thirteen, he grazed his goats, she’s his sheep, they frolicked together, made friends, “and you can soon see that sheep and goats are grazing apart than to meet separately Daphnis with Chloe. “

It was summer, and Daphnis was in trouble: he stumbled, fell into

a wolf’s pit and nearly died. Chloe clicked her neighbor, the young shepherd-cowboy, and together they dragged Daphnis out of the pit. He did not break himself, but was all in the dirt and dirt. Chloe took him to the stream and, while he was swimming, saw how beautiful he was, and felt in himself something strange: “I’m sick, but I do not know what, not hurt, but my heart aches;

I do not know the word “love”, but when the neighbor – worpas argued with Daphne, who is more beautiful, and they decided that Chloe would kiss the person who she liked best, then Chloe immediately kissed Daphnis. And after that kiss, Daphnis also felt something strange in him: “The spirit has seized me, my heart throws out, my soul melts, and yet again I want her kisses: was not it a potion on Chloe’s lips?” The words “love “he did not know either.

Autumn has come, the grape holidays have come, Daphnis and Chloe have rejoiced with everyone, and then the old shepherd approached them. “There was a vision for me,” he said, “an Erot baby with a quiver and

bow appeared to me and said:” Do you remember how I passed you with your bride? and now I will graze Daphnis and Chloe. “” And who is Eros? “- the adolescents ask.” Eros is a god of love, stronger than Zeus himself; He reigns over the world, over the gods, men and cattle;

There is no medicine from Eros either in drink, in food, or in conspiracies, only the means of kissing, hugging and naked, huddled on the ground. “Daphne and Chloe thought and realized that their strange longings were from Eros. , they began kissing each other, and then hugging, and then naked on the ground to lie, but the longing did not pass, and what to do next, they did not know.

There was a misfortune with Chloe: the young rich loafers from the neighboring city, having quarreled with the villagers, attacked them, drove away the herd and stole the beautiful shepherdess with him. Daphnis desperately prayed to the rural gods – the nymphs and Pan, and Pan let his “panic horror” on the kidnappers: plastered with ivy, told the goats to howl like wolves, let the fire on the ground, and the noise in the sea. Frightened villains immediately returned the prey, the reunited lovers swore to each other in loyalty – “by this flock, I swear and the goat that nursed me: I will never leave Chloe!” – and the old shepherd played them on the flute and told how once the god Pan was in love with the nymph, and she fled from him and turned into a reed, and then he made a string of uneven trunks out of the reeds, because they were unequal love.

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Summary “Daphnis and Chloe” Longa