Summary of Sashka Kondratyev

Sashka fought for two months, but for the first time he came up against the Germans. He was the first to see the Germans, and it was he who warned his company about the Germans. The Germans went to the trick – they calmed down, and a voice rang out in the grove, saying that the sowing campaign was beginning in the villages and offering everyone work and freedom. But the company guessed this ruse and gave the order to start the fight. During the battle Sashka took “language”, which he had to deliver himself to the headquarters. On the way the German kept looking at Sashka all the time, and he told him that the Russians did not mock prisoners.

At the headquarters of the battalion, he did not find anyone. Only the battalion commander was on the spot, but Sashka was not recommended to lead him to a German – on the eve, during the battle, a girl was killed, which the battalion commander loved very much. Sasha went to the battalion commander, who, having talked

to the German, ordered him to be shot. Sashka tried to object, saying that he promised the German life, showed him a leaflet, where all the prisoners were guaranteed their return to their homeland, but the battalion commander was only angrier. Then Sashka decided, nevertheless, to lead the German to the brigade headquarters, violating the order of the battalion commander. The battalion commander overtook them, looked sternly at Sashka, smoked a cigarette and left, telling the German to lead the brigade headquarters.

Going to the evacuation hospital, Sashka and two other wounded instead of food on the road received coupons, for which the products could be obtained only 20 kilometers from the place in Babin. Sasha and Zhora did not reach the place on this day, having decided to spend the night in the village. They were allowed to spend the night, but there was nothing to feed the soldiers-they were all taken away by the Germans. The next day, after reaching Babin, they saw that there was no further point. Sasha, Zhora, and Lieutenant Volodya, who joined them, went further. Having come on the way to the village, they

again could not find any food, but the villager advised them to go into the field, dig up the potatoes left from the autumn and make cakes. Finding the field, Sashka and Volodya stopped, and Zhora went on. Soon an explosion sounded and, rushing forward, Sasha and Volodya saw the dead Zhora – he apparently turned off the field on the road,

Finally, Sasha and Volodya reached the evacuation hospital. But they did not stay there – Volodya really wanted to go to Moscow to see his mother. Sashka also decided to go to the house, which was near Moscow. On the way they went into the village, where they ate – this village was not captured by the Germans. In the next hospital they stopped to have supper. But when the food was distributed, Volodya went to argue with his superiors-in each plate there were 2 spoons of millet porridge. But when the dispute came to a head, Sashka decided to plead guilty, because he was just a soldier, and the only punishment that was waiting for him was sending to the front line, but he still had to return. Specialist advised Sasha to leave the hospital and faster, but Volodya did not let the doctors go. Sasha arrived in Moscow, and, standing on the platform, I felt as if I had fallen into another world,

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Summary of Sashka Kondratyev