Summary of “Dyed Ribbon” Doyle

The work of A. Konan Doyle “Motley Ribbon” is included in the series of works about Sherlock Holmes, detective extremely talented and intelligent. The narrative is conducted on behalf of Dr. Watson, a friend of Sherlock Holmes. … In one April morning the Sherlock Holmes house was visited by a certain girl, a client. It was Ellen Stoner, the main character of the events described. Miss Stoner told Holmes that she lived in the estate of her stepfather, Mr. Roylott. She once had a sister, but she died two years ago under very strange circumstances.

Before the tragic event, the girl often heard a whistle at night, and on the night of her death she ran out of the room with the scream “Motley Ribbon” and fell down dead. The cause of her death was never found out. Meanwhile, the mother of the girls bequeathed to them a certain condition, with the proviso that money can be used by her husband, Mr. Roylott, but only so long as the girls do not marry. Shortly

before her death, the dead girl was about to marry… Miss Stoner suspects her stepfather, but there is no evidence against him. To Sherlock Holmes, she was led by the fact that one night, while spending the night in her deceased sister’s room, she heard a strange whistle, which once was the harbinger of one already dying. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went to Mr. Roylott’s estate, and, while he was in town, examined all the rooms. In the room of her deceased sister, where Miss Stoner lived now because of the repair, a lot of strange things were discovered. The bed was screwed to the floor so that it could not be moved.

Above the bed hung a cord for a bell-call a servant, but the bell did not work. Next to the cord was a fan opening, which for some reason did not go out into the street, but into the next room where Mr. Roylott lived. From the story of Ellen Stoner, it was known that Mr. Royltle once lived in India and brought back a baboon, pythons and a panther. Many were surprised that he was passionately addicted to the animals of India. In the room of Mr. Roylott himself was found a whip, an

iron cabinet-safe for papers and a saucer with milk. Cats in the house no one was holding… Sherlock Holmes persuaded the young lady to spend this night not in the house, but in the nearest hotel. And in her bedroom were Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. I did not have to wait long. Suddenly a strange whistle was heard, and then Holmes jumped up, began to beat his cane on the cord for the call and shout: “Watson, do you lead, see it?” Suddenly, from the next room there was a terrible scream, which seemed to hear the whole county. Then everything was silent. When Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson found themselves in Roylott’s room, they saw a terrible picture. Mr. Roylott was sitting at the table.

On his knees lay a whip, and he himself sat with his chin up. The look of the dead man was foolish, and around his head some sort of spotted tape wound around him. This was the same “motley ribbon” that the deceased girl spoke about, for the tape she took the swamp viper, the deadliest Indian snake. Death from the bite of such a snake comes in ten seconds, and a tiny trace of her teeth is almost impossible to detect. Death from the bite of such a snake comes in ten seconds, and a tiny trace of her teeth is almost impossible to detect. Thus, Sherlock Holmes prevented another murder – Mr. Roylott wanted to kill and Helen, because she also was going to get married in the near future. And because Sherlock beat his snake with his cane, she crawled in the opposite direction and bit Roylott. But, according to Sherlock Holmes, The indirect fault in the death of Mr. Roylott did not at all lie “a heavy burden” on his conscience. This concludes the work of A. Conan Doyle’s “Motley Ribbon”.

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Summary of “Dyed Ribbon” Doyle