Summary “Dove and the ant”

Summary “Dove and the ant”

In one of the cold winters the poor peasant went to the woods for firewood. Having typed a huge bundle, on the way to his hut, all saturated with smoke, the man was tired, so he decided to rest. Seated on the harvested wood, the peasant began to complain aloud about his unlucky life.

In a conversation with himself, a man says that in his life there is nothing light, there is not enough strength to endure a quitrent, a boyars and a per capita. Completely surrendering to the power of gloomy thoughts, the unfortunate man calls Death.

In less than a minute, as Death appeared before the peasant, she began to ask why he was so persistently calling her. The man was frightened and said that he needed an assistant to better bundle the wood.

The moral of the story is simple: no

matter how hard it is in life, death is not the best way out.

Oak and Reed.

Somehow the oak spoke to the reed, sympathizing with her. Say, any breeze can disturb her, and any bird – bend to the ground. Whether he himself – even in the strongest wind he firmly stands on the ground, and his own powerful crown creates a shadow that protects all those who are shorter. However, the reed does not understand his condescension. She notices that the wind really shakes her, but she can not break. As for the oak tree, you should wait to find out if everything is good for him.

As soon as these words died down, a terrible aquilon appeared. The reed managed to escape, as usual, bending down to the ground. The oak held on to its last strength, but a powerful wind, in the end, managed to tear out the giant with a root.

Dove and the Ant.

Once a dove on a hot summer day decided to get drunk from the stream. Suddenly he saw that the ant. After falling off the blade of grass, he fell into the water and, if he does not help, will soon drown. The dove was kind, so he saved the poor fellow by throwing him a blade of grass that he could climb. At that moment a vagabond came out on to the beach from wherece came the grasping man with a gun in his hands. He noticed a dove and decided to shoot him. However, the ant,

biting the man by the heel, rescued from the trouble of his savior. Thus, the hunter could not shoot, and the happy pigeon flies away.

A cat turned into a woman.

Once upon a time there lived a man who passionately loved his cat. He could not live without it for a minute: he laid with himself to sleep, fed from his plate and told the cat stories. Finally, he decided to take the cat as his wife and began to ask God to make his pet a man. Unexpectedly, his desire was realized – the cat becomes a beautiful girl. The guy was very happy and began to hug and kiss her. Very soon the eccentric suggested that the girl become his wife, and she agreed. She believes that the groom is handsome, rich and very pleasant externally. Lovers went to get married.

Finally, the wedding is over, and it’s the first night of love. Here is a happy man who takes to undress his lover, but she unexpectedly breaks out from him and disappears under the curtain when she sees a mouse there.

Natural destination can not be changed.

Body members and Stomach.

The fable helps to understand that any rulers are closely connected with their subjects. As an example, a stomach is taken, because any part of the body feels if it is unhappy.

Once the arms, legs, back and other parts of the body decided that they already had enough to work to fill the stomach, it’s time to live for yourself, doing nothing. And in fact, all of them unanimously refused all work. Naturally, the stomach was deprived of the opportunity to renew the blood, as a result of which the whole body suffered a serious illness. Only then did all parts of the body manage to understand that the stomach is not at all such a slacker as they are used to think.

The same goes for rulers: they create laws, observing which. Anyone can earn a living.

When people rebelled against the king. They said that they do all the hard work when the government gets glory and honor. Then, before the people came Menevius Agrippa, who read this story. People recognized her justice and ceased to worry.

The farmer and the shoemaker.

The farmer was fabulously rich. He lives without needing anything, in a chic house, and he manages to organize balls and social receptions almost every day. The only thing that darkens his life – a person can not get enough sleep. The farmer does not close his eyes all night: he thinks that he is going to ruin, then God’s judgment appears. In the morning, too, he does not go to sleep – a neighbor sings behind a wall. A wealthy neighbor is a poor shoemaker who enjoys life and sings all day. How to find a way out? The farmer tried to persuade his neighbor not to sing, but nothing came of it.

In the end, there was a way out. The farmer affectionately asked his neighbor whether he wanted to become a rich man. The peasant replied that no one would refuse such an offer. Then the farmer handed the shoemaker a bag of money and said that now he can live richly, because he is a very honest person. The poor cobbler hid money and also lost his peace. He was not up to the songs: he had to listen constantly, if thieves were not going to him. The shoemaker was not happy neither with his young wife, nor with money.

A very short time passed and he returned the money to his neighbor, Telling him that he does not need any millions if this deprives him of the opportunity to enjoy his life.

Once the lion lost his wife. All forest inhabitants gathered to share the grief of their king. Roar roars the whole district, lying in his cave, and numerous forest dwellers echo him. Usually this happens in the royal courts – the courtiers are just a reflection of the mood of their ruler.

Only the deer does not express any signs of grief – not so long ago, through the fault of the lioness, his wife was killed. Of course, this news instantly becomes known to the lion. He is beside himself with anger, that someone dares to laugh at his grief, therefore orders wolves to deprive the scoundrel of life. However, the deer said that the spirit of the deceased came to him, who said that one should not be sad, since the lioness lives in paradise, and has learned all the higher joys. Learning such news, everyone decided that the deer saw a miracle, and the lion, generously endowing him, let him go free.

Anyone who is in power should be pleased with flattery. So you can achieve that anger will be quickly replaced by mercy.

Shepherd and the King.

All human life is wholly subject to the influence of two demons, whose names are ambition and love. What is remarkable, the former has more power, sometimes using love. In life, many examples of this, but the fable is not about that.

Once upon a time the king saw that the shepherd was trying very hard to perform his work with dignity, therefore his herds constantly increase. Then he called the muzhik to him and told him that he should be a shepherd. After this, he appointed the shepherd chief judge. The former shepherd is rude and not educated, but has an excellent common sense that helps him make fair decisions.

Once a hermit came to the judge and started talking about the fact that one should not trust the royal mercy too much, because at any moment it can be replaced by anger. The former shepherd just laughed in response. Then the guest told him an instructive story about how a blind man lost a whip, and instead took a frozen snake from the ground. People told him to give up his burden, but he thought that they were making fun of him and walking his own way. As soon as the snake warmed up a bit, she immediately bit the blind man.

It seemed that the words of the hermit were just. Very soon the slanderers began to tell the ruler that his new judge had only one goal – to become rich as soon as possible. The king decided to check whether this is so, and saw that the man lives very modestly. Nevertheless, the slanderers did not calm down and said that the judge probably hid his wealth. Then, under witnesses, the king demands to open a single chest, which is in the judge’s house. There are only his old clothes, a whip and a pipe. This greatly embarrassed those present.

The shepherd unperturbedly put on all this and left the judicial post for good. A man is pleased with everything: he has known the glory and the fall. A fine time of ambition has passed, but who has lived his whole life, avoiding temptation?

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Summary “Dove and the ant”