Summary “Anathema”

Ideals that illuminated my path and informed me of courage and courage were kindness, beauty and truth. Without a sense of solidarity with those who share my convictions, without pursuing the eternally elusive objective in art and in science, life would seem to me completely empty.

Getting acquainted with the work of Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin, we learn about him as a writer-artist who worships the creative energy of genuine feelings in opposition to stagnation: full of indifference, cynicism, premature old age of the soul.

In the early period of creativity Kuprin wrote a lot about the painful loss of talent, love, beauty, the imperfection of human relations, the fragility of knowledge. Kuprin worried about the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic transformation of mankind. He did not accept capitalist progress, ruining the workers, depriving people of freedom, even moral choice. Anathema Kuprin Summary

In any of his works the general concept of life is expressed.

All of them were based on the author’s richest personal impressions, tried his strength in various professions, from his own experience who knew the Russian reality, the way of many of its layers of society. The writer was optimistic about the events of the first Russian revolution, but the meaning of the liberation struggle was not understood widely enough. Penetration into the psychological atmosphere of his time, led Kuprin to critical coverage of its social foundations. He showed the crisis state of bourgeois “culture.” Kuprin sharply condemned the marriage, family, forms of power, law, court, religion, prison, state, which was formed in the proprietary society. He called his country “a country of” unexpected solutions, “where greed and self-sacrifice, meanness and fearlessness,

Kuprin in his works sought the wisdom of understanding life. Anathema Kuprin short description of the Three domestic classics, he revered his idols – Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov. Kuprin deeply honored the highest task of Russian art – the foresight of the future. Kuprin himself believed

that a new life would come, full of merry work, respect for man, mutual trust, beauty and good.

In Kuprin’s wide canvas of Russian life, there are many distinctive paintings, gloomy colors. However, almost in every work there is a differently voiced and colored sphere, which inspires faith in the transformation of human souls and attitudes. Realization of opportunities Kuprin saw and revealed in the heroic fortitude of fighters for freedom, in free physical work in the bosom of nature, selfless service to science and art, courage to overcome the elements of the sea and the sky. And everywhere in the foreground love, as a source of sublime and beautiful feelings Anaphema Kuprin

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Summary “Anathema”