Summary of “The Taper” Kuprin

Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin in 1900 wrote the story “The Tavern”. The summary of the work will allow the reader to save time and familiarize himself with the plot in five minutes.

Acquaintance with the characters of the work: Rudnev’s sisters

The story “Taper”, the brief content of which you read, begins with an acquaintance with the Rudnev family. This is, first of all, Tina – a 12-year-old girl, the daughter of the owner of the house.

The girl ran into the room in which the maids were dressing her sisters. Tina was very worried, she wanted the Christmas meeting to go well. She shared her concern with the sisters, telling them that there was no taper.

The elder sister, who was already respectfully called Lydia Arkadievna, was, on the contrary, too calm. She made a remark to Tina, saying that she did not rush into the room like this.

Then Tina asked her second sister Tanya to go with her to help prepare for the celebration.

After an hour already had to light the tree.

Next, we learn about the younger sister Katya. Her and Tina, together with their peers, were locked in the nursery and did not allow the tree to be installed. But this year, Tina was the first time involved in the upcoming magic, so she was so worried about – she wanted everything to work out.

Father mother

The Rudnev family was big and noisy. The girls had brothers. Children always came to their friends, so the house was always fun. But this joy was not shared by the mother of children, Irina Alekseevna. She was a princess and before the marriage had the name of Oznobishin. The woman boasted of her noble birth and seldom left the room, considering her benevolence to talk with a noisy crowd. She communicated only with the same noble and “petrified” descendants of ancient families. We learn all this from the story “Taper”. The brief content of the book will introduce the reader to the head of the family.

Despite her aristocratism, the woman was jealous of her husband, and for this she could have reasons. Although

Arkady Nikolayevich was already over 50, but the man was notable for his easy character and special charm. He was the patron saint of ballet art, a player, often disappeared in the English club. When he returned home after the win, he invited friends, friends of his children to ride horseback outside the city.

And the friends of the children of Rudnevs were always at their homes. Therefore, the buffet here was never locked, because any visitor might want to have a snack at an unseasonable hour. Sometimes the children asked the cook to cook something delicious, and he did not immediately, but agreed. All together at the table were collected rarely. Usually someone already dined, and someone just came to the morning tea. This kind of cheerful and slightly chaotic atmosphere reigned in this hospitable house.

It is not surprising that it was planned to meet Christmas at a big friendly company. Dad for children was the main adviser and friend. When the older children did not know what to give to their friend Kolya Radomsky, his father said – a cigarette case. He was engaged in the head of the family and the musical design of the evenings. About also will tell the brief contents of the story “Taper”.


The story takes place approximately in 1885. Arkady Nikolayevich usually invited Ryabov’s orchestra to the house for the holidays. However, this year, due to misunderstandings, this did not have time to do – the musicians were already busy. Another orchestra, too, could not find.

That’s why Tina tried to find out about the taper, to find out who would play the piano on the holiday? But the housekeeper Savikna Olympics, Luka’s valet, found for themselves an excuse why they did not invite the musician, and the maid Dunyasha swore that she had not even heard that the tamper had to come. The brief content of the story tells about further events.


Tanya, Tina’s sister, who was respected, sent Dunyasha to search for a pianist (tavern), and at that time the guests began to arrive. Two large families came – Maslovsky and Lykov, other guests came, but the musician did not exist.

But then Luka went to Tatiana Arkadevna and asked her to go out into the hall. Tatyana saw Dunya and some small figure there. Dunya began to whisper in her ear mistress that she did not scold her: she could not find a musician anywhere, she found only this boy and did not even know if he knows how to play.

Tatyana at first sight realized that the boy was poor, selfish and shy. He was ugly, with delicate features, in appearance he was 11 or 12 years old. But the boy said that he was 14. He assured that he knows how to play and has a lot of experience.

Talented child

Lydia tried to tease her, asking derisively if he could play polka, quadrille, lancie, but Tanya asked her in French to stop acting like that. A short summary of the story “Taper” comes to an interesting moment. Kuprin further talks about the fact that Tina was on Tatiana’s side, she resolutely took the boy by the hand and led him into the hall. The guests began to wonder, but soon the surprise was replaced by affection. As soon as the child’s fingers touched the keys, unusually beautiful sounds poured, he was applauded.

Arkady Nikolayevich praised the boy, whose name was Yuri Azagarov, and asked to play “Faust”, to the sounds of this march lit a Christmas tree. Then Yura played polka, waltz. At this time the owner of the house was talking to some important master. It turns out that it was Anton Grigorievich Rubinstein – a talented composer. He became a teacher of Yura Azagarov.

This ends the story, which Alexander Kuprin wrote – “The Taper”. Brief contents of the works help the reader to quickly find out their plot and make an impression of them.

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Summary of “The Taper” Kuprin