An unusual snowman appeared in our forest park. The regulars of this amazing corner of nature, going for a walk, always take with them vegetables and fruits for… a snowman.

The snowman stands on a cozy clearing, surrounded by pine and birch. He was sculpted for several hours, adults and children. As expected, a bright orange carrot was used for the nose, walnuts for the eyes, and since there was no bucket to put on a snowman’s head, a large red apple was placed on top of the head. After a while, coming to the forest park, we hurried to the snowman. How is he there? No nuts, no carrots, no apple. “Probably, someone from the walkers took” – we reasoned.

A skier ran past him. Stopping, he said: “Last time I saw how you decorated a snowman, and nuts, carrots, and an apple became the prey of birds and animals, because the squirrels and birds are in charge here.” I myself and my comrades now bring to the snowman various delicacies for them. ” He took a handful of seeds from his pocket and poured them out at the foot of the snowman. He took out a carrot and said: “There’s a new nose for you, snowman, I’m sorry, but there are no apples,” and he ran on. “And how did we not think about proteins and birds,” we began to reason, “they need people’s support more than ever in winter.”

The next day we again had a snowman, but already with a hotel. After our visit to the head of the snowman was not one but several apples, there were two nose-carrots. And we brought pieces of bread and sunflower seeds. “All these gifts to you, snowman,” we said to him as if he were a living creature, “but you will share a treat with your friends – squirrels and birds! And even if a casual passer-by wants to eat an apple or a carrot, do not take offense at him. you again and do not come empty handed. You just do not tai, please! “

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