Summary “Dog of the Baskervilles” Doyle

In the beginning of the story, the detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson are talking with their visitor – the physician James Mortimer. He reads Sherlock Holmes and Watson a legend about the curse of the Baskervilles. His suddenly dead patient Charles Baskerville was very serious about this legend.

In the past, one of the ancestors of the late Charles was rampant and cruel. He kidnapped the daughter of a farmer. Locking the girl, Hugo sat down to feast. The captive managed to escape. She headed across the swamps home. Having let the dogs follow the trail, he rushed after the fugitive, his friends went after them. On the lawn, they saw the bodies of the girl and Hugo. Above the corpse of the man stood a disgusting monster, like a dog, and his throat was tormented. The man who recorded the legend warned his descendants to beware of going out on the swamps at night.

James Mortimer said that Sir Charles was found dead near the wicket gate leading to the

swamps. Next to the body, the doctor noticed traces of a huge dog. The heir to the noble estate, Sir Henry Baskerville, also paid a visit to Sherlock Holmes. He told me that a shoe had disappeared from the hotel, and he also received an anonymous letter with a clear warning to stay away from the peat bogs. Together with Sir Henry at the estate of the Baskervilles, Dr. Watson goes. He tries not to leave Henry alone, but it’s not so easy. Sir falls in love with Miss Stapleton, who lives in a marsh house with an entomologist brother and servants. His brother at first categorically does not like Henry’s courting his sister, but then he apologizes and promises not to repel his love for Miss Stapleton. Only Baskerville must within three months be content with her friendship.

It becomes known that a convict is hiding on peat bogs. It’s the brother of Barrymore’s butler’s wife. Sir Henry promises not to give anyone away. Barrymore says that in the fireplace miraculously survived a piece of letter to Sir Charles, signed “LL”. It was asked to be at the gate at ten o’clock in the

evening. In the neighborhood lives a lady with similar initials – Laura Lyons. Watson met with her, and she confessed that she wanted to ask Charles Baskerville money to divorce her husband, but received help from others.

Entering the marsh, Watson noticed a man there. He managed to find in the empty hut a note scrawled with a pencil stating that Watson had left for Coombe-Tracy. “Watson decided to wait for the inhabitant of the hut.” Suddenly a familiar voice is heard belonging to Sherlock Holmes. “The detective knows that the woman Stapleton gives to everyone for her sister, in fact, his wife. “Holmes and Watson hear a terrible scream, run to the rescue, see the convict’s body.” Stapleton arises.

The next day Henry Baskerville goes to Stapleton, and Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and the detective from London Lestrade, hide behind the house. Sir Henry comes back, and Stapleton lets in his tracks a huge, black dog. In addition, as it later became known, her eyes and mouth were smeared with nothing more than a phosphorescent compound. Holmes had time to shoot the dog. For Henry, all that happened was a tremendous shock, and especially that the beloved woman is Stapleton’s wife. She was tied up in the back room. Stapleton disappeared, perhaps he was swallowed by a swamp.

Rascal Stapleton was a descendant of one of the branches of the Baskervilles, who dreamed of becoming an heir to the fortune. He ordered Laura Lyons first to write to Charles Baskerville, and later to abandon the planned date. This woman and Stapleton’s wife were entirely in the power of Stapleton, but his wife still stopped submitting to him.

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Summary “Dog of the Baskervilles” Doyle