How is the plot of the fairy tale “The Little Prince” constructed?

The plot of “The Little Prince” reflected some details of the author’s biography. But from these details the writer has made not a realistic story about certain events of his life, but a fairy tale about the fantastic journey of the Little Prince.

However, it is enough to read at least a few pages of this work to feel that Saint-Exupery wrote an unusual tale about the unusual Little Prince. After all, the focus here is not the adventures of a boy, but his observations and reflections on life. In other words, before us is an allegorical plot, consisting of events that represent allegorical incarnations of one or another moral and philosophical questions. And the answers to them are heard from the mouth of the Little Prince. Perhaps, to some, these answers will seem somewhat “childish,” but in fact they surpass with their wisdom many of the generally accepted adult judgments in the world. The conclusions of the little prince give the tale an expressive instructive meaning.

Allegorical in the work are all the characters – from the Little Prince, personifying a childishly clean view of the world, not distorted by adult views, to the Sahara desert, which should not be perceived literally as an actual terrain, but as an allegorical image meaning a sudden stop in the stream everyday life, when a person is alone with his soul and thinks about important life issues.

In other words, before us is not just a fairy tale, but a philosophical tale-parable. The most significant features of this genre are:

    Raises moral and philosophical questions; contains fantastic elements; has an instructive-allegorical plot, built on a hidden comparison, and contains a deep wisdom.

The allegorical principle of constructing a work assumes that the allegorical significance of the events, situations and conversations depicted in it should be extracted from the subtext.

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How is the plot of the fairy tale “The Little Prince” constructed?