Painting Vrubel “The Demon Seated”

It is worth noting that the great Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel is in itself a rather complex artist, which is not accidental in his film “The Demon Seated” turned to the image of Lermontov’s demon.

Vrubel dreamed of a high monumental style. For him, the tragedy of an ideal person is close – a person who is truly free and strong, who is a worthy hero of the classics. Vrubel was not far from the romantic ideals of his era. That’s why he chose as the protagonist of the demon.

On the canvas “Demon seated”, written in 1890, depicts in deep reverie the main character, helplessly clasped his hands on his knees. In addition, also worthy of attention can be called a quaint and intricate, but at the same time infinitely beautiful landscape, consisting of purple-blue, red and golden mosaic spots.

In fact, Vrubel did not accidentally or by mistake choose an oblong canvas format, which many may seem too tight and uncomfortable. This

technique helps the author of the picture to emphasize some stiffness of the protagonist. And the main character is the embodiment of the ideal of all that is beautiful in man.

Thanks to the image of the faceted crystals, it is possible to achieve an amazing effect – the sparkling blue and blue clothes of the demon. Despite the strong hands of the protagonist, the picture is definitely powerless. The artist tries to demonstrate the significance of his protagonist of the picture, bringing all the expressive means in full conformity with the nature of the work, which in fact is purely symbolic.

In the picture “The Demon Seated” in front of Vrubel, there is a very important task, which consists in giving a symbol – a metaphor, through which the entire complexity of the real world is expressed. The author worries about the modern man, he is afraid for him. And the canvas, according to the artist’s plan, should help answer a number of very important questions and find a way out. The canvas clearly traces the “fear of silent uncertainty”, as well as the “thrill of waiting.”

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Painting Vrubel “The Demon Seated”